BB TItans: Miracle is fake, two-faced, says Yemi Cregx

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The romance or situationship between Khosi and Yemi Cregx has continued to generate conversations in and outside the Big Brother Titans house. 

In a chat between the duo in the garden on Friday, Yemi labelled Miracle a ‘two-faced’ individual.

According to Yemi, he tries to avoid having conversations with Miracle because he sees him as a fake person. “I try not to have anything to do with him. I see him as a housemate, I respond when he talks to me. 

“ Like this morning when he asked how I’m feeling. I responded, but I didn’t engage him first. I see him as a two-faced person who is up to something in the house. I don’t like when you act cool, then say things at my back,” he said. 

Yemi also said Nana likes to get information from him about Khosi, but he doesn’t bulge. Shortly before the conversation, Nana asked Yemi why Khosi hasn’t been responding well whenever she tried to speak with her. 

Yemi, Khosi and Blue Aiva have been in a relationship triangle, while Nana has also shown interest in Yemi, who has established himself as the ‘Yoruba Demon’ of the Titans house. 

It would be recalled that Blue Avia convinced Kanga Junior to use their veto power as head of house, to save Yelisa from the eviction nomination list. This was a tactical move to keep her crush, Yemi, in the house. 

Khosi’s last diary session with Biggie also revealed that she has her eyes on another man in the house.  

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