Paired Diary Sessions, Sinking Ships, Hidden Crushes, this week on Big Brother Titans

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This week in Big Brother’s house has revealed new personalities, great performances, new relationships, ‘situationships’, and in-your-face confrontations. The show is definitely staying true to this season’s theme, ‘Ziyakala Wahala’

Let’s look at some of what’s been happening in Biggie’s house. 

The diary session took on a new twist when Big Brother decided to have a group diary session for each paired housemate. Here are some of the highlights of the session.

During team Juiovla’s session, Juicy Jay hinted that his partner, Olivia’s insistence on putting team Thabana up for eviction was because she likes Thabang who didn’t return her feeling. This revelation left Olivia feeling emotional. 

The Royals, Tsatsii and Ebubu, attributed their failure at the arena games to their lack of focus. They referred to themselves as underdogs and told Biggie they are one of the strongest team in the house. 

Team Yelissa talked about the pressure of being the tail of the house for the second week in a row and the frequent nominations. They attributed this to being seen as threats and added that the lack of communication between them resulted in their poor performance at the arena games. 

Earlier in the week, team Kaniva, Blue Aiva and Kanaga Jnr emerged Heads of House after winning their HoH game. Apart from the immunity they will enjoy this week, they also have the power to save a pair from nomination by replacing them with another. 

Yaya had an altercation with Mmeli about his ‘situationship’ with Nelisa. Yaya accused Mmeli of avoiding Nelisa after he having a hot moment in the sheets. She said, “You are wrong for sleeping with that girl and treating her the way you are treating her right now. She is someone’s child, you shouldn’t have slept with her, you are wrong”.

It’s rumored that Mmeli and Nelisa had sex after they being spotted kissing and cuddling. A video clip, which has gone viral, showing Nelisa picking condoms for him may have been the cause of this rumor.

have set sail in the house. Blue Aiva and Blaqboi were seen flirting in the lounge and the South African belle asked her ‘soon-to-be boo’ if he would like a kiss after complimenting his lips and expressing her desire to kiss him.  

Marvin revealed his interest in Jaypee but has decided to take his time to understand her.

Fans and stans, however, say the Nigerian hunk has his eyes set on Yaya and the supposed chemistry between Marvin and Jaypee is dead on arrival.

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