BBTitans and much more in GOtv this weekend

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Big Brother Titans started with a bang. The organizers promised absolute entertainment and that’s what we’ve enjoyed so far.

Monday saw the emergence of Mmeli, the very first Head of House. Tuesday’s task revealed a lot about the housemates, their dreams, goals, and fears which led to a few emotional moments.

There was also a mock nomination where Nana, Justin, Khosi, Olivia, and Yemi Cregx got the highest nominations. Fortunately, no one is going home yet.

This weekend promises entertainment at its peak and here is why you should not miss a moment of Big Brother Titans this weekend.

Thursday Night Pool Party.

Apart from having a lovely garden, the BBTitans house is also equipped with a pool and a Jacuzzi. Today, we will get to see the housemates break out their bikinis and swim shorts for the pool party starting at 6.00pm. It’s going to be a wild night and we are eager to see what SHIPs will be formed and who will have the hottest bod on display.

Friday Night games

On Friday night, the game is on as housemates will compete in a series of games. Friday night games are one of the favorite activities in the house and the games will surely reveal some of the weaknesses and strengths of the housemates. We expect to see more fun games and can’t wait to see what Big Brother has up his sleeves. Friday Night games starts at 8.00pm.

Saturday night party

Saturday night parties in Big Brother’s House are known as club night. It’s a time for the housemates to dress up and let loose. This season, the DJ is bringing the best combination of Afrobeat and Amapiano so get ready to dance along with the housemates.  We can’t wait to see the best dressed and the best dancers. Saturday night party starts from 9.00 pm till mama calls.

Sunday Live show

The weekend will reach a climax on Sunday with the live show which will see Lawrence and Ebuka interview the housemates about their stay so far in the house. The live show will start at 7.00pm.

Big Brother Titans is showing live on channel 29 on GOtv Jolli, Max, and SUPA.

Upgrade your subscription to any of the previously mentioned packages and follow these steps.

*Press the green/menu button on your GOtv remote.

*Scroll to advanced options

*Select the installation option

*Check if the antenna is off

*Select automatic rescan

*Wait for the scanning process to be completed.

*Once completed, exit, and select channel 29 to watch BBTitans live.

New to GOtv? Get a GOtv decoder + GOtenna with a one-month Max subscription for N9,900. Download the MyGOtvApp or dial *288# to subscribe or upgrade your subscription.

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