Injured pilgrims thank King Salman

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Several people injured in the Grand Mosque crane crash and currently receiving treatment at Makkah hospitals have thanked Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman for his royal decrees ensuring them financial and other support.

An Iranian pilgrim, Bioq Zarnaqi, said he was not surprised by the generosity and humanity of King Salman because he has shown his concern for Muslims several times in the past, reports Arab News.

Rida Ismail from Egypt said the royal orders have eased his suffering, and he has drawn tremendous comfort from the fact that his relatives have been granted visit visas.

Two Pakistani pilgrims, Saif Ullah Jan and Ziad Ullah, said the king is a “sincere and devoted man” who loves his fellow Muslims and would do anything to alleviate their suffering.

Similarly, two Afghan pilgrims, Nizam Uldeen and Nadeem Uldeen, said they were happy that the royal orders would allow them to return next year to perform Haj.

Turkish pilgrims Yasin Taha and Amin Kajo said King Salman is a real leader in the Islamic world who cares for others. Indonesian pilgrim Islam Mohamed Surab echoed this view.

Tunisian pilgrim, Mohamed Al-Hadi, said the royal orders were clear-cut evidence that King Salman was sincere in his efforts to make sure that pilgrims are provided the best services.

Jordanian pilgrim, Adnan Osman, said he appreciated the support of the king, which was a reflection of his concern for the safety and security of pilgrims.

Last week’s tragedy in Makkah claimed the lives of 111 people and injured over 300. 

The king, in royal orders on Tuesday, promised handsome payouts for the families of the deceased and the injured.

 There have already been sanctions slapped on the construction company involved in the project.

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