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If you are a lover of TV series, you must have followed one which got you immersed in the lives of the characters, their relationships, and journeys through the plot. Then you unconsciously develop the urge for more fascinating storylines that teach life and inspiring lessons you can relate with. 

Looking to add another gripping plot to your list?, ‘The Rishantes’, an emotional rollercoaster series set in the Northern region of Nigeria, is one for you. Pulled from ‘Halita’, a 240 TV series aired between 2019 and 2020, the Rishantes narrates how seven years after the explosive events that surrounded the Zamani family and Lufu group, three dynamic generation of the Rishantes clan created a new life for themselves in the Rishante mansion.  

Now in its second season, the story of the wealthy Rishante family played by Mofe Duncan (Adi), Chisom Agoaiweke (Halita), and Ummi Baba Ahmed (Matilda), thrills the audience with drama, political battles, and the complexities of family dynamics. 

Season one ended with Somma presenting Adi with a scan result showing the couple is expecting a twin. Matilda, despite her travail, emerged the first female Senate President of the country. Halita finally earns the trust of the family, as she gets full autonomy over the family business, while the family savoured the calm after the storm with a toast to what lies ahead.

With 52 episodes aired as of December 18, the second season has so far built on the suspense and intrigues set by the first, thus keeping its status as one of the most popular TV families. 

The most recent episodes saw Matilda’s long-running conflict with party members exacerbated when she was asked to step down as senator president. Adi continues the struggle to free himself from the web of a possible extramarital affair, while Matilda gets wind of Serena’s escapades. 

Serena, afterwards, gave a believable explanation of what’s going on between her and Kaza after being seen together. Halita was confronted about matters of the heart and the possible pain she might have caused, while a dire message was delivered to Adi. The drama continues as Halita prepares to face the law and animosities rise between Kaza and the Rishantes. Catch up with The Rishantes weekdays on Africa Magic Urban (GOtv Channel 6), at 8pm.

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