Yewa-Awori on the verge of history

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Raheem Ajayi

It was Harriet Tubman, a woman who led thousands of Blacks out of slavery in the 1800s that said slavery is the next thing to hell. However, my favourite quote of hers is …..”If a person would send another into bondage, he would, it appears to me, be bad enough to send him into hell if he could.” Those who want Ogun West to wait till 2027 before taking a shot at the Governorship are planning to keep Yewa-Awori people in political and economic as well as Infrastructural bondage. Just as Tubman said, bad enough to send Ogun West into hell if they could. It’s bad enough if those who claim to be our brothers outside our Senatorial District are doing this but even worse if we have our people in Ogun West who are willing tools. They have not only become collaborators for this despicable machination, but are also bold enough to campaign for it.

While they are being sold dummy of waiting for 2027 by Dapo Abiodun on the one hand, Ogun West collaborators are being used by an individual who thinks by 2027 he would have attained a political status and clout that will be enough to contest as Governor on the other hand. Little did this ambitious man know that Shuaib Salis, a man from Ogun Central, is being positioned by Dapo Abiodun to become Governor after him.

While some of our people are asking us to wait till 2027, people from Ogun Central are not waiting. In fact at least three people from Central are on the gubernatorial ballot for 2023 elections. They are:

Jolaoluwa Olwatosin Emanuel of APM
Sokunbi Kazeem Olanrewaju of ADP
Ojeshina Anthony Olawunmi of SDP
These people are from Central, the same senatorial district that produced the immediate past Governor, Sen. Ibikunle Amosun, who served two terms. Yet some people want us to wait…. to waste this golden opportunity!

For those who think we should wait till 2027, I have got news for them, one egba man will be supported to square up against anyone that comes out.

Those who are bent to scultle our chance in 2023 have become so desperate and are using all sorts of tactics to achieve their aim, including blaming our only candidate for something he didn’t do and wouldn’t do. When individuals cannot justify their anti-people’s position, they look for scapegoats, resort to political banditry and become destructively combative.

Part of the strategies of anti-Ogun West Agenda team is to blame our Governor to be, Olubiyi Otegbeye, Esq; BOT for an offence he hasn’t committed and will never commit. That is why agents provocateur want to pin a phantom “sin” on BOT so as to discredit him.

Despite a disclaimer written by BOT against the voice notes that have become the bone of contention, these people are unrelenting, accusing him of what he has dissociated himself from.

While a set of people are poised to get the only candidate from Ogun West on the gubernatorial ballot in 2023 win; the other group, anti-Ogun West people are working hard to destroy this golden chance

What they are trying to do is introduce red herring thinking people will forget that they are anti-Ogun West Development by their stance to support Dapo Abiodun for a second time in office despite having our own candidate. They have turned to be campaign managers of Dapo Abiodun against their own kinsman who is also vying. A position that none of us has occupied since the creation of Ogun State in 1976.

Instead of them being happy that we now have only one candidate, something that is alien to us in Ogun West. We have always had multiple candidates for gubernatorial elections. Instead of being motivated to support their fatherland, they have remained recalcitrant.

While they are quick to say Jagaban, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is our own and that we should vote for him because he is a Yoruba to become Nigerian President, I wonder why the same logic is not applicable to BOT in Ogun State.

As we go towards 2023, “omo oko” and “omo ale” will be separated just as shafts are separated from wheat. Yewa-Awori people will definitely deal with anyone that is anti-Ogun West. They can take this to the bank

Raheem Ajayi, a Communications Consultant, wrote from
Oke-Afin Quaters,
Imashayi, Yewa North, Ogun State

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