E-commerce platforms’ strides in helping micro businesses grow

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Not a few micro business owners are experiencing more growth since the emergence of  business to business (B2B) platforms that leverage technology to empower retailers to run profitable and sustainable businesses.

Alerzo is part of those with innovations that are bridging the gap in micro business, as the impacts are being strongly felt even in the rural areas.

Adewale Opaleye, Alerzo Group CEO who is passionate about retailers’ growth especially with the adoption of technology, said the tech firm provides swift and free delivery of goods ordered by its customers, payment options for  retailers for receiving and making cashless payments.

He said Alerzo also helps retailers track store profitability better and facilitate a portfolio of digital services including airtime purchase, bill payments as well as processing peer-to-peer transfers.

Opaleye noted that the testimonials from customers reiterate the firm’s focus “on helping reach more customers seamlessly, we are shifting from a ‘retailers-focused’ business to ‘empowering micro-businesses’ within and outside of the retail space.’’

He said part of the initiatives in growing retail footprint include:   shop now and pay later, savings, loyalty programme, 3P logistics, inventory management and invoicing.

‘‘I am profoundly happy that the work we do at Alerzo Nigeria is greatly impacting the economy of the continent. I founded Alerzo to address most of the challenges that face informal retailers in Nigeria.

‘‘I am happy that, in about three years of operations, Alerzo has deployed technology in addressing the challenges of the informal retailers who are on our platform.

‘‘With our delivery services, retailers save time, energy, and resources that they would have otherwise expended in restocking,” added Opaleye.

A retailer, Oluwagbemileke Abosede said in her two decades of doing business, her journey with Alerzo has been more rewarding.

She shared:”I purchase from Alerzo and they deliver free of charge. I was given the Alerzopay PoS machine for payment, some customers won’t buy from you if you don’t have PoS. Since I started using the PoS terminal my sales have increased.

“People are embracing the cashless policy even when a customer comes in to buy things for N500 or N1000 they ask if I have PoS to make their transactions. They prefer to pay using their ATM cards and I conduct the transactions using Alerzopay PoS terminal. The charges are okay and the transactions reflect immediately.

“Even if a customer attempts to make a deposit using the PoS terminal and it was declined the money would promptly be reversed as the Alerzo pay terminal is working very fine.”

Another retailer, Umar Shuaib aged 26, narrated the impact Alerzo is making on his family’s retail business, as there is plan to expand.

“Alerzo in Kano has helped us immensely because they deliver to our door steps for free any product we order. We thank God Alerzo is here and we are enjoying how Alerzo operates,” he stated.

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