Subsidy Removal Inflicts Pains Not Succour – Nollywood Star

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Nollywood star, Desmond Elliot has joined numbers of Nigerian artistes who have lent their voice against the fuel subsidy removal. The actor noted the removal of subsidy is only meant to inflict untold hardship and pains on the innocent Nigeria masses.

The Nollywood actor who made the remark on his twitter page said “we have lost everything we met on the land. Cocoa, palm oil, groundnuts, cotton, cashew and rubber have been forgotten and are better produced by other nations who came to learn from us. We have lost our moral compass, our society is fractured and our statehood is threatened“.

He explained why Nigerians and Nigerian artistes are treated with disdain in overseas; saying it is as a result of bad leadership in the country. According to Elliot, “our passport is treated with disdain everywhere you present it. Even our citizens are in all prisons around the World. Some of them prefer foreign prisons to coming back to Nigeria“.

The multi-facet actor said that Nigerians and entertainment industry can never believe government on subsidy removal reinvestment idea because the leadership is corrupt.

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