Lukman kuoye: An Impostor Aided by Internal Collaborators desperate to be Olu of Imasayi

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Olatunde Oni

”Silence become cowardice when occasion demands speaking out the whole truth and acting accordingly”- Mahatma Gandhi*

I read with dismay a release obviously by a so called Oba Kuoye, with no sense of shame insulting a revered, a true son of Imasayi, a custodian of Imasayi history, cultures, traditions and values, in person of Chief Timothy Sunday Akinleye.

Chief Akinleye is not a stranger or a busy body when it comes to the issue of Imasayi politics and politicking.

In the words of Elis Wiesel, ” We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented. The opposite of love is not hate, its indifference

Kuoye and his gangs want perfect silence, knowing that perfect silence helps in their fraud and manipulation of Imasayi traditions.

Chief Akinleye didn’t hate Kuoye the least or any aspirants to Olu of Imasayi stool. What Chief Akinleye was addressing is the fraud and manipulation that produced Kuoye. So, attacking the messenger while cleverly avoiding the message is absurd and uncalled for.

It is rather lugubrious and ridiculous some statements credited to Bolarinwa Ewulo and Lukman Kuoye that Chief Akinleye committed atrocities in Imasayi. This is laughable.

The Bible says, the JUST SHALL LIVE BY FAITH. It is on record that Imasayi elders including Chief J.A Oyewole, Chief Olu Akinola, Chief T.S. Akinleye, Alhaji Yahaya Obadina and others met with the Traditional Council of Chiefs to find a way out of the impasse. In the meeting Chief J Oyewole and Chief T. S. Akinleye met themselves for the first time in almost 36years despite the duo living in Imasayi together.

Both greeted each other and the truth of the age long rumours manifested, with both Chiefs thanking God for being alive while the peddlers of the rumours were long forgotten under the rubbles of history.

They claimed, Chief T. S. Akinleye was responsible for the death of Oba Olude in 1989. A propaganda to stylishly remove the influence of OKe Idota Quarters, this lie was cleared this year when some members of Olude family paid him a courtesy visit. When, Chief asked them jokingly, you are visiting a murderer, Olude’s family head burst into laughter, saying, you’re are not the one that killed our son It was at that time, they were allowed to sit down.

The same Kuoye that is now ranting because Chief T.S. Akinleye refused to support his fraudulent way of attaining the Obaship has been calling him day and night to forget the past.

It is on record that on Tuesday, 2nd November, 2021 Kuoye invited Gbenga Akinleye, the son of Chief Akinleye to the palace. In the presence of Nafiu Akinola, Jamiu Omolade and Taiwo Ogundele, he gave Gbenga #10,000 to forget all the errors committed before becoming the King.

Kuoye doesn’t want Tope Kuyebi’s name to be mentioned in the struggle going on in Imasayi. He is clever by half, if there is no involvement of an internal person, it is impossible for a stranger to identify the graveyard of blind person. Who is Kuoye without Tope Kuyebi? He rode on the back of this prodigal son to be the king of Imasayi. Therefore, Tope Kuyebi’s name will continue to feature in the desecration of our town.

Imasayi struggle against Ado Odo colonialists and their internal collaborators will not be violence, we are peaceful people. We will move as the situations dictate. It is better for our mothers not to have given birth to us than to succumb to intimidation, harassment and name calling We are not moved.

Lastly, in another publication, Kuoye lied as usual, that because the lives of Local Government Officials were being threatened, the major reason his camp wrote to the government to conduct the selection in Ayetoro. What a first class liar! We were all here in Imasayi, nothing of such ever happened.

A so called King without honour, kindly tell us your reason (s) for locking the palace up for more than four months when you’re still an aspirant.

Lastly, threatening people with police, or beating them up the way your biological son, Saliu Shile Kuoye beat up Mrs Felicia Bamgbade, and threat of court actions will not solve anything. It will even fuel it and advance our cause…

You neutral people, go back to history before you condemn Chief Akinleye.. Balogun Jinadu Ojetola, Balogun Ajasa Osoalu, Bada Zuberu Akinwunwi were all removed or suspended due to the activities of the same internal forces of yesteryears that have more deadly successors today.


Oni Olatunde is a member of
Imasayi Concerned Youths.

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