Assassination of a Retired Civil Servant In Imasayi: Monarch and Deceased Family Trade blames

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The Olu of Imasayi, Oba Lukman Kuoye, has accused Ajayi family of an attempt to portray him as an unresponsive monarch and a cover-up master, after the gruesome murder of a prominent son of the town, Aminu Ajayi.

On the Fourth of July, 2023, Ajayi, a retired teacher was assassinated by unknown assailants in Imasayi town, Yewa North Local Government Area of Ogun State. He was macheted to death, at the time his family went to work.

A member of the deceased family, Adebisi Ajayi had accused the monarch and chiefs of the town for keeping quiet about the murder. He accused them of a grand cover-up after those allegedly picked up by the police were those close to the monarch. He also condemned their release by the police.

Adebisi said, ” What is even more disheartening is the silence and inaction of the King of the community, Lukman Kuoye, and his chiefs. Not only did they fail to inform the police or show any sign of sympathy to the grieving family, but they also arranged for a local media campaign aimed at discrediting the case. It’s as if they turned their backs on justice”.

In a swift reaction, the monarch accused Adebisi of trying to drag the name of the traditional ruler in the mud. In a statement signed by Hakeem Adegbenro, the media aide to Kuoye, the monarch noted that Adebisi’s statement were malicious.

The statement reads “Our attention has been drawn to a malicious and libellous write-up as per the above subject, written by one Adebisi Ajayi, indicting the personality and the revered stool of Olu of Imasayi-Yewa, HRM Oba (Rtn) Amb. Lukman Olalekan Kuoye, Fcim.

“The contents of the referenced subject revolves around the gruesome murder of Aminu Ajayi, who was a native and resident of Imasayi -Yewa in Yewa North Local Government Area of Ogun state. For the umpteenth time, we condole with his dear family on this dastard act of the men of the underworld.

“However, on the recent fabrication of the blackmail by the said Adebisi Ajayi, we wish to inform the general public that the case has since been and is still being investigated by the Police. Thus, we wish to set the record straight in the face of relentless but vein efforts to drag the exalted stool of Olu of Imasayi-Yewa in the mud for posterity sake”.

Kuoye admitted that some people close to him had been interrogated by the Police. Adebisi had alluded to a cover up when those who were picked up by the Police were released after the monarch had allegedly intervened.

The statement added “It is necessary to stress that justice on any Criminal case, just as in the instant alleged murder case requires discreet investigative efforts of the police and which the police through the Homicide section of State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department ( SCIID) had several questioned the persons close to the Olu of Imasayi-Yewa on the strength of the petition written by members of Ajayi family.

“Meanwhile, the writer alluded that the case has now been transferred to the Homicide Department in Alagbon for further and proper investigation alleging that the police at Ogun state Command failed to do justice, we state that this is good for justice and we support the move but disagree that the police has not done their best just because they refuse to maliciously detain the innocent persons suspected by the members of Ajayi family.

“We therefore appeal even to the Parties, especially the said Adebisi Ajayi;s to await the outcome of such investigation rather than hastily publish malicious and libelous information and the Olu Imasayi-Yewa”, Kuoye added.

In a bid to douse the tension, a prominent son of the town, Stephen Ajayi, a US based lawyer who is also related to the deceased, told that Ajayi family ought to be aggrieved based on some reasons.

He said, ” Why did It take the monarch, Oba Lukman Kuoye more than six months to react to a murder that claimed a prominent son of the town? I wonder why a prominent chief, Chief J. Odu, Atunluse of Imasayi spoke to the press claiming nothing like that happened in Imasayi in the presence of Oba Kuoye himself, while other associates were laughing, drinking and rejoicing at the death of Aminu Ajayi.

”The King had boasted in a viral video that he would use unconstitutional means to deal with his political opponents in the town. Unfortunately, Aminu Ajayi happened to be one of his critics. Do you think such action is befitting of an Oba?”, Ajayi asked.

Sources informed NigerianEcho that the case has been transferred to the Zone 2 division of Nigeria Police in Lagos.

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