Dapo Abiodun: The Narrative behind a Political Mistake

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By Olusola Ige

The emergence of Dapo in 2019 was a result of the ‘Baba só pè’ political permutation called godfatherism. The Osoba cronies who are hellbent on squeezing out the then incumbent governor’s political value cried a river to Tinubu at his Bourdillon residence. The reason for this wasn’t far-fetched— Amosun’s years of rule have made the APC Chieftain and the one-term former governor of Ogun state irrelevant even to his son.

Osoba aimed to hijack the state party structure and stage himself among leagues of relevant APC elders in the state. The consequence of which gave in to the unavoidable candidature of the Lagos oil magnate who doubles as a plaything of Tinubu. Dapo Abiodun due to Osoba’s greediness for power became the flagbearer of the All Progressive Congress in no time. In all these political power trades, the vice president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Prof. Yemi Osinbajo is a major shareholder.

With the chant of ‘Ogun West Agenda’ becoming so wild and its acceptability becoming surreal, the creation of the Allied People’s movement became imminent. And all that transpired afterward are now history.

Dapo Abiodun’s nomination came less than three months before the 2019 general election and his acceptability grew from naught to totality within the party. A rigorous campaign plan was enacted which saw the last in the race becoming the perceived winner of the gubernatorial election. Dapo who wasn’t part of the primary selection process was proclaimed winner over other political parties – even over the APM candidate whom virtually everyone rooted for.

History has it that, Yayi singlehandedly sponsored the campaign as instructed by the Lagos henchman, little wonder why Dapo’s cabinet is littered with YAYI’s crows and foxes. History didn’t deny the fact that the ADC candidate; Gboyega Nosiru Isiaka sold his supporters’ trust and loyalty in trade of millions of naira to support Dapo who in return gave him a palatable position in his cabinet and also dash him an elective position he’s currently running for.

When snails are made kings, sluggishness becomes the order of the day. Roughly two years after Dapos’ inception into office, nothing was done. What do you expect of a man who was given a state to govern? Dapo was made the Ogun State governor the day Osoba and his cronies cried to Tinubu for their selfish reasons. Have you ever asked yourself why Baba’s son, Olumide Osoba enjoys the benefit he didn’t labour for?

All once-active agencies under Amosun were rendered useless when the unprepared governor attained the position. Committees and Sub-Committees took over transport unions, state institutions, and local governments; just to mention but a few. For good two years (2019-2020) Ogun state never witnessed a single developmental project from the imposed governor. All our governor can account for is meetings with no result.

What more should we have expected from a governor who’s without a developmental blueprint? Even the “Building our future together” mantra was strategically composed to inform the masses of our governor’s u preparedness which we never understood until reality bemoans.

It’s so funny how after many years of waiting, all Mr. Governor could showcase are: Substandard infrastructures, pooeconomicmy policies, revamping of classroom blocks roofing sheets, Insecurity, failed promises, unrealistic housing policy, duplication of Lagos State Policies, white tinted beards amongst other failures.

Ogun State has never had it this bad. Dapo Abiodun has proven for the umpteenth time that he’s not ready to serve but was forced to. Some of the roads he prides himself to have constructed are worn out even before contractors are done with them. The housing plans are unattainable/ feasible for the masses. They were all built to be majorly enjoyed by government appointees and friends of the government.

The health and educational sector have suffered largely from his incompetency– all that’s been offered to them are yellow roofings. Even pensioners have become prisoners of their entitlements.

On the level of insecurity, Ogun state is at its peak. We have never had it this bad. According to research, Ogun state is named among States with the highest level of kidnapping, ritual killings, cultist clashes, and yahoo yahoo activities. The highest ever witnessed since the creation of this state.

It’s no gainsaying that the emergence of Dapo Abiodun is nothing but a political mistake that will become intentional when made twice.

Olusola Ige wrote from Ijebu-Ode

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