Daniel says HID Awolowo  Is an inimitable, super woman

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Olaoluwa Folalu


Mama Hannah Idowu Dideolu Awolowo has been described as an inimitable personality who could only be described in superlatives. 

Otunba Gbenga Daniel, former Governor of Ogun State made this description in his condolence message on the passing of the matriarch of the Awolowo dynasty.

According to OGD, Mama HID was a woman of charm, humility, generosity, courage, resilience, industry and vision.
His message, “she was so strong a personality and so magnetic impressing  herself indelibly on the minds of not only her family and kinsmen but her race and the nation in general. 

“Kind, compassionate, strict but loving, caring and sensitive, Mama was a great humanitarian and strong believer in service to the community. Undoubtedly, she was born into a man’s world, arguably to play a man’s role”.  

“Mama’s support ignited the flame of Chief Obafemi Awolowo’s long held visions as she was ready to spend her life side by side her husband in their patriotic, humanitarian and political dreams”.

Continuing, he stressed that “Mama’s life was one selfless devotion as she sacrificed so much of her youth, her adult years and ultimately her life for the benefit of her people in spite of  harassment, arrest and even death which were very real possibilities”. 

“For a woman of remarkable bravery,  she surmounted all odds following her husband and staying by him through all vicissitudes; imprisonment inclusive.

“Firm but noble, full of charm, grace and beauty, her intellect combined with her unique resilience made her one of a kind. Even at almost a century old, Mama was still cheerful and as sharp as a tack”. 
“Rather than mourn, we should celebrate her life so full of love an the way we can best honour her is to pray Almighty God to grant her eternal rest and the family the strength to bear the great loss.

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