Chief Falae’s Abduction On His Birthday, A Horrifying Report- Ajulo

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Chief Falae's Abduction On His Birthday, A Horrifying Report- Ajulo

Legal practitioner and social activist Barr. Kayode Ajulo has condemned the attack and abduction of former Secretary to the Federal Government and Minister of Finance, Chief Olu Falae, who was kidnapped Monday at his farm in Ondo State.

Ajulo, who is the National Secretary of the Labour Party, described the act as “shocking, traumatizing and downright satanic” while also expressing dismay that the culprits even disregarded the age and position of the septuagenarian.

“When the news reached me, I didn’t believe it. It is scary, we are suppose to be celebrating his birthday with him today”

“It is horrifying that a criminal gang would dare to attack and abduct a man who is so advanced in years and incidentally on his birthday. It is downright devilish to subject an elderly man to such a harrowing experience,” he said.

According to Ajulo, what made the news even more personally traumatizing is the indelible contributions of Chief Falae to ensure that democracy takes root in nigeria and the relationship between the abducted Chief Falae and himself.

“I am particularly hit by the news because Chief Falae is not just a face in the crowd to me. He has fought for emancipation of Nigerians even at a great risk to his freedom and life, he has also played the role of a father and a mentor to me; coming from the same political root and belief, Anglican Communion and Yoruba race, our perspectives on most issues have been identical even though we belong to different political parties presently.

“Though Chief Falae is fearless and strong in character but as someone who has experience the trauma of abduction personally, I can relate to what this senior citizen and man of principle will be going through presently.

The Labour Party scribe also called on the Nigerian Police Force and other security agencies to leave no stone unturned in the manhunt for the culprits and ensure that Chief Falae is rescued and returned to his family.

“The Labour Party charges all security agencies to rise to the occasion to apprehend the culprits and rescue Chief Falae who has contributed to the nation’s development. His family and Nigerians in general expect no less from the police at this period,” he said.

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