40 Years Remembrance: John Eromosele Honours His Late Father

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Dear Beloved Dad, Theophilus Eromosele Agbonifo, today 13th of February 2023 makes it 40years that you left this sinful world. Your memory still lingers on. Every moment I remember you, I always wish you could come back to enjoy your labour from your wonderful children you left behind but no way.

Certainly, death is inevitable. Everyone will definitely face it one day but, I still grieve when I imagine living a life without you dad.

I have always wish to summon the courage to overcome the memory of your sad lost that occurred on 13th of February, 1983 but God cannot be questioned.

I have continue to reflect on the precious memories you left behind to find peace, knowing fully well that you have raised an amazing person in me and all your children.

Ever since you left, you have remained irreplaceable dad. No has ever played your roles, except for almighty God, who has been protecting and comforting all your children with His abundant mercies.

Dad, please note that the good foundation you laid for us has continue to increase us. You have been a pillar to all and sundry and your legacies are evident enough. On this, I thank you for the incisive nurturing and training.

Dad, I have to hold it here as tears drifts down my face while I keeping imagining how lovely it would have been spending my life with a caring, loving and encouraging dad like you. Sincerely, your demise is irreparable, and it has also created a vaccum that cannot be filled.

While I take solace in the fact that you lived a good life that we are all proud of, I pray that all you have prayed for us during your lifetime shall continue to follow us until our last breath.

I fervently pray again to almighty God, to forgive your wrongs and grant you eternal peace in Heaven, as I celebrate you on the occasion of your 40th remembrance.

Until we meet to path no more, may your soul continue to rest in peace.

Yours True Son
Mr. John Eromosele


THE FAMILY: Eromosele’s
13th February, 2023.

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