YEWA’23: Now, OR Never But Posterity Will Reward Osoba, Daniel And Amosun

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Prof. Yemi Oke, Ph.D, FCIArb, FCTI (Bada-Baamofin of Egbaland)

It is an insult to collective sensibilities of Yewa-Awori people for those whose “Yewa” origin is an issue of unresolved controversies, to attempt to “induce” Yewa leaders, chiefs, elites and other to “postpone” the quest for their legitimate right to fairness, equity and justice which has consistently been denied to them since the creation of Ogun State in 1976.

The speculative “turn” of Yewa in 2027 may NEVER happen, as it will definitely throw-up at least eight (8) prominent indigenes of Yewa-Awori from various political parties, for Governorship contest. But, please quote for future references, EGBA people will field only one (1) candidate for the race. Your guess is as good as mine! Who knows tomorrow? So, we say: “YEWA FOR GOVERNOR, NOW OR NEVER” !!!

The emergence of Barr. Olubiyi Otegbeye (BOT) as a popular and indeed solace for better governance in Ogun State is a divine project. Only God ordains and enthrones unto any form of leadership, including as a Governor, Senator or any leadership position. The overwhelming support openly and covertly given to BOT by well-informed, enlightened and fair-minded Ogun State indigenes and residents are pointers to trends to be unfolded in the race to Oke-Mosan in the year 2023. This quest is anchored on sustaining the lofty and noble quest for justice of all three former Governors in Ogun State. And I dare say, none of them is as unconscionable to now assume that justice would be denied perpetually to a vital segment of Ogun State, the Yewa-Awori people. Every indications point to the fact that: THE TIME FOR A YEWA GOVERNOR IS NOW!

Unknown to many, the last three Governors of Ogun State had, at several times and to a varied extent, deployed their best of human and material resources to identify with the fair and legitimate quest of OGUN WEST (Yewa/Awori) to occupy the seat of leadership as Governor of Ogun State. As a matter of fact, the Yewa people would readily point-out to you the strategic Ipokia-Agosha-sha road/bridge and others constructed by Governor Osoba. The tacit support of Governor Osoba for EGBADO (YEWA) candidates to succeed him during the SDP era and his renewed interest to hand-over to a YEWA man after his second term in the AD-era was one of the reasons why it was easier for Governor Daniel to team-up with the then Senator Amosun in 2003 to defeat Governor Osoba and truncate the latter’s second (third) term bid. Prof. Afolabi Olabimtan was the most prominent and preferred option. Governor Osoba had an unwritten pact to support YEWA for Governor after his tenure. The Dr. Otegbeyes, Dr. Ibikunles and Akin Odunsis and others were his allies and pact-arrangers. Osoba’s desire to run for the 3rd term in 2003, having been Governor under SDP in 991/93 and in 1999-2003 caused a major rift which put an end to the YEWA agenda, as Governor Gbenga Daniel, from Remo Sagamu subsequently won by defeating Segun Osoba and was in the saddle from 2003-2011.

Like Governor Aremo Osoba, Governor Gbenga Daniel was the most punished and victimized for daring to “stubbornly” hand-over to a YEWA man. OGD’s resolve was total and unrepentantly! This marked the beginning of the battles against OGD. In the race to succeed OGD were Dimeji Bankole, Iyabo Obasanjo-Bello, Senator Ibikunle Amosun, Alh. Sarafa Isola (now High Commissioner) while Baba OBJ gave strategic support to anti-OGD forces. All Egba aspirants teamed-up, irrespective of political affiliations, to bring OGD down on his knees. The House of Assembly was polarized into G-11 vs G-15. The battle became wild and dangerous. The writer, an Egba was against his brothers and sister Egba antagonists on the side of OGD. Miraculously, our pro-OGD G-11 removed the G-15 and Hon. Soyemi Coker became Speaker while Rt. Hon Egbetokun and others were kicked-out. It was a session of betrayals, all because OGD was desperate for a YEWA man as Governor. Another Yewa leader, late General Olurin, who had initially declined to OGD to run, was brought. He was backed by to the late Buruji Kashamu. It was a ploy to divide YEWA votes. Gboyega Isiaka was schemed-out through the Judgement of the Late Justice Karafati. We moved to PPN. I inherited 39 pro-bono files of PPN candidates that lost when they were joined in Tribunal cases despite that were not challenging the outcome.

OGD government was undermined by the ones he brought. Hon Egbatokun was invited from the UK by OGD. Wale Adedayo (Babalawo) who originated the term “ZIGGY- ZIGGILIZATION” with me, was brought by OGD; Tunde Oladunjoye who later became Chairman of Ijebu-North-East, and an arch enemy was brought by OGD through the late Mrs. Remi Oyo. The death of ACP Adelodun led to a major crisis. Speaker Dimeji Bankole deployed the House of Reps to take-over the legislative functions of the Ogun State House of Assembly. Gladly, the writer again led the legal team to get the Federal High Court in Abeokuta, per Ofili-Ajumo-Gobia to reverse the ugly trend. The battles raged-on. Recall proceedings were initiated against Rt. Hon Dimeji Bankole. Petitions were also written to the then President, Late Umar Yar-Adua to sack Alh. Sarafa as Minister for Mines and Steels Development. Phony petitions were written against OGD by the Oladunjoyes, Adedayos and others. The battle was tough and spread dangerously. There were several victims. In the end, OGD lost the battles for YEWA Governorship. He also had other losses as a result of daring to champion the course of justice and fairness for the YEWA people. The rest is history.

Beyond doubts, comparatively, the most committed advocate of equity and fairness to the YEWA agenda is the immediate past Governor of Ogun State, His Excly., Senator Ibukunle Amosun, FCA, CFR. His approach to the issue is total, resolute, and unflinching. Unlike the duo of former Governors Osoba and Daniel, Governor Amosun is more dedicated, unrelenting and undeterred in his support for YEWA people. Like Osoba and Daniel, he has also suffered losses both financial and otherwise. SIA, as he is fondly called has committed the most human and material resources to the course of the YEWA people. While the last two former Governors seem to have given-up after leaving office,

Senator Amosun appears even much more determined and committed after leaving office as Governor of Ogun State. He gave our friend, Triple A, his all in terms of support. He was blunt, total and extremely generous in a bid to ensure the emergence of Hon. Adekunle Akinlade as Governor. Votes got mutilated by the refusal of the YEWA people to pursue a unity of agenda. Gboyega Isiaka (GNI) was in the ballot with Triple A. YEWA people voted massively for both Triple A and GNI, but the vote was a spilt-vote and Triple A lost narrowly, under most questionable circumstances.
Senator Amosun’s pursuit of fairness to reclaim their mandate vested in Akinlade went all through from Tribunal to Court of Appeal to the Supreme Court. SIA and his team lost, but BBB certainly not defeated. He remained resolute.

Justice beckons again. This time around, the YEWA people will be having the singular most viable option of voting for only one original YEWA man, OLUBIYI OTEGBEYE (BOT). BOT is not new in the game. His approach to politicking and pursuit of charity and kindness to the less-privileged is one of “your left does not see what your right is donating”. He makes no noise. Even when he gives of his kindness and resources to a twin, neither Taye nor Kehinde would notice unless they offer to self-disclose. BOT is a humane professional. He is a calm, calculative and dogged. Highly intelligent. He succeeded in several human endeavours where most of his contemporaries have failed. He was the choice of the YEWA people under SIA in 2018/9 but destiny opted for Triple A. This time around, nature beckons and made him the unanimous choice. BOT became generally accepted as the preferred candidate of the entire YEWA/AWORI, and this is fully backed by all right-thinking, progressive indigenes and residents of Ogun State.

BOT is a beautiful ‘wine” that everyone desires to “drink”. What makes his candidacy unique is the fact that everyone buys-in and owns the process, and are all ready to give of their time, energy and resources to collaboratively ensure a landslide victory for BOT as the next Governor of Ogun State. It is more gladdening that His Excly, Senator Ibikunle Amosun, FCA, CON is even much more determined to succeed where his predecessors, Osoba and Daniel seem to have failed in their pursuit of equity, justice, and fairness in governance for the YEWA people. It would be mindless of anyone to assume since SIA decides to pursue God’s value of fairness, he is “playing God”. Haba! SIA is not likely to derive any personal benefits from YEWA Governorship (which destiny has not already given him by divine providence) beyond fulfilling his promise to God, his Creator, which is to the effect that he (SIA), shall collaborate with all fair-minded Ogun citizens to continue championing and pursuing justice and fairness for the people of YEWA, no matter what it takes!

BOT is “The ANSWER” in search of “the QUESTION” as to why has it been impossible for a YEWA indigene to govern Ogun State? Which of the YEWA indigenes is destined to govern Ogun State, and when? Perhaps, YEWA has been unable to become Governor of Ogun State because of human factors, and/or God’s timing. Remember the “OTEDOLA” episode in Lagos State in the early 1990s in the SDP/NRC era. Both factors have now coalesced in favour of BARR. OLUBIYI OTEGBEYE- BOT to bring justice, fairness and equity to the people of YEWA.



(Bada-Baamofin of Egbaland)
August 24, 2022

One thought on “YEWA’23: Now, OR Never But Posterity Will Reward Osoba, Daniel And Amosun

  • Ismaila Sansa

    This writer would have gotten kudos but fail to put all indices into it.
    First and foremost, he should not have said Yewa-Awori Now or Never if truly he loves them.
    Creation of Ogun State was done by bringing 2divisions of Ijebu/Remo & Egba/Egbado(Yewa-Awori) together. When in 1979,Our Papa & Leaders agreed that Ijebu/Remo should be first to be Governor & then thereafter the other division Egba/Egbado Yewa-Awori.
    Need, I informed you that Chief Bisi Onabanjo(Ijebu) 1term1979-1983 . 2ndterm Oct 1983-Dec1983,terminated.
    When in 1991,Ijebu people let go despite not able to finish 2nd term.Chief Segun Osoba became the Governor 1991 & had His tenure terminated by Nov. in 1999 ,Chief Osoba return till 2003 but Consipracy(topic for another day).
    2003 ushered in Otunba Gbenga Daniel
    (Remo of Ijebu/Remo division) as
    Governor till 2007. In 2007,political expediency bestowed on us that it is the turn of Yewa-Awori( of Egba/Yewa
    division) to produce the Governor but what we had was your Egba Anthem ( Yewa lokan Egba lomase) & Unfortunately or fortunately Egba man- H.E.Amosun was the Governor 2011-2019 & Egba people now think Ijebu/Remo division would become mumu to allow Yewa to ascend Oke-Mosan!
    If truly, you don’t know that was & is the Success story of His Excellency Prince Dapo Abiodun MFR from 2019
    till 2027 By the special Grace of Almighty God & PDA performances…. Amen
    Please let Yewa-Awori people wake up to face Reality as this is an open Land mines of Egba people to hoodwink them that Egba like them.(Conspiracy theory asserts that Egba people would come out again in 2027 but Ijebu/Remo people will support Yewa-Awori in 2027.
    Shine your Eyes Yewa-Awori.
    Commentator Hon.Ismaila Sansa MHA,Ogun State 1999-2003


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