Why Informal Retailers Should ‘Shop Alerzo” This Yuletide

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As corporate organizations shut their office doors for the year and workers embark on holiday activities, businesses in the FMCG category remain fully active. Their activities not only keep the economy going, but are crucial to festive celebrations. Festivities on the streets aren’t complete without those quick dashes into retail shops. 

While retailers make more sales at this time of the year, they are also faced with challenges such as price hikes and scarcity of goods which affect their inventory. Alerzo Limited, an innovative B2B company, is giving informal retailers the opportunity to avoid such challenges. For retailers willing to maximize sales opportunities this season, here’s why you should stock up on Alerzo: 

Zero Delivery Fee

Ordering your stock on Alerzo qualifies you for zero cost on delivery of your goods at your shop. “This is not a festive season promo, it has been part of our business since inception. For the past two years, we have delivered to informal retailers at no cost. It’s what you benefit from when you buy from Alerzoshop,” Alerzo CEO Opaleye said. 

More time for Family And Customer

We all work to have a better life and enjoy the proceeds with the family. This is the season of festivities, a time to enjoy what we’ve worked for, in the company of family and friends. While a retailer can’t afford to close shop, she can have more leisure time by letting professionals handle stockings.

“Alerzo was born out of the desire to help informal retail shop owners live balanced lives. With our logistics expertise, we effectively take care of their stocking needs which frees up more time for retailers to attend to their customers. Simply place your orders on Alerzoshop, make your payment and Alerzo will handle the rest,” Opaleye said.  

Save Cost And Increase Profit 

Research has shown that the average informal retailer spends at least N1,000 transport fare on every trip to and from the market. For a retailer who stocks up 3 times in a week, they end up spending N3,000 every week, with an annual expense total of around N144,000. Added to the expense of transportation is the fee paid to market authorities. 

If the same retailer spends N500 on this fee each time she goes to the market, she will spend N72,000 per year. This means that each year, she spends at least N216,000 on trips to restock her inventory, this takes out a huge proportion of their profit margins. Using a platform like Alerzo which offers free delivery will not only save cost but increase profit margin. 

Avoid Price Inflation

Sharp rise in prices of goods during yuletide is a recurring trend in Nigeria. This tends to affect retailers’ inventory, by reducing the quantity of goods that can be acquired. On how Alerzo shields retailers on its platform from this, Opaleye said: “With our services, we have not only eliminated the need to allocate revenue to transport fares and market fees, we have also regulated the prices of products. Thereby, we ensure that our informal retailers are not affected by unreasonable price-hikes. Further adding to our appeal, we have improved the access of informal retailers to a wider range of products to meet their customers’ needs. 

Be Immune To Scarcity 

Added to the price hike is the Christmas rush that leads to scarcity. This is not what a retailer wants at a time of sales boom. Alerzo said it is taking the role of reliable supplier to ensure retailers are well stocked to meet increasing customer demands this festive period. “Furthermore, we ensure that our retailers always have access to the products especially, during peak demand seasons when consumer goods become scarce. Our customers can be sure of over 80% fulfillment rate in product availability during this period,” the Alerzo boss said. 

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