When Will Jonathan Apologize to Nigeria?

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profiting from terror (2)

By Peregrino Brimah

I was reading Reuben Abati today, doing his paid job of trying to defend the president of Nigeria in the case of the three month-long abducted, ‘raped and killed’ girls. I wondered how he feels when he wakes up every morning to another day where the art-of-lying-and-discombobulating will again be perfected and applied at and to literally all matters of national interest. It must be one H of a tough job.

Today it is almost three months that the Jonathan government has been ‘unable’ to rescue over 200 abducted girls, and over three years since the first sets of abducted boys and girls have been with – and died at the hands of – Boko Haram in Sambisa, with the government simply not being willing or able to save them. As the agricultural economy is being destroyed in the north, over 80,000 peasants have been killed and 3 million northern farmers displaced; the third highest displacement in recent recorded World history. Despite a quarter of Nigeria’s budget being allocated to security, Nigeria’s insecurity is worse than ever in our history, a worse level of carnage than the civil war as NL Wole Soyinka stated. It is more than obvious that the state of insecurity is paying-off elements in the nation’s military and executive government – the continued proliferation of Boko Haram terror, facilitating the provision for  squandering of this quarter of the nation’s budget funds. This explains why Boko Haram is supplied with Nigerian military armored vehicles, Nigerian military guns and tanks and even cover of the Nigerian air force jets and helicopters to continue its reign of terror on the farmers and traders of the north. Terror pays.

In yesterday’s headlines, Vanguard reported the ascension of Nigeria to the world’s top position in Oil Vandalism. Yes we are now officially #1 according to, a global organization that reviewed multiple countries and their rates of oil pilferage. Nigeria’s president, Goodluck Jonathan gave millions to an unrepentant Niger Delta terrorist, Government Tompolo and gave him the rights to bear arms and finance a parallel army, whose duty, the Reuben Abati’s claimed, was to secure the oil facilities in the Niger Delta. Are we meant to believe that Tompolo is being financed and armed to defend the nation from oil theft when today we have the worst level of it in our entire military and non military history and have achieved the #1 position in the world? Certainly not.

The list of national criteria in which Nigeria under Goodluck Jonathan has achieved the worst ranking in the world is no news. We have written and published on this, times without number. We are all aware that Nigeria is now #1 kidnap capital of the world; #1 most terrorized nation on earth; #1 for dangerous high sea piracy; #1 in oil spill pollution; #1 in poverty in cognizance of population/economy figures. The list goes on and on. It is also no news that the Jonathan government loves criminals and terrorists; that for the four years of his government, which also are the four years of Boko Haram’s real reign of unlimited terror, not a SINGLE sponsor of the terror group has been convicted by the Jonathan government; that this government frees all criminals and killers, the likes of Al Mustapha, the publicly registered killer of Kudirat Abiola. We all know how Abba Moro, the man influenced by Satan who killed 25 of us, is still minister of the interior, how Fayose, an indicted criminal, was sponsored with our missing 20-127 billion dollars to re-take Ekiti; we know of Alamieyeseigha, we even know the president’s wife, Patience, also caught by the EFCC in State looting and laundering activities. We know of Abacha, who poisoned us to death with deadly, imported petrol and stole our billions of dollars, who is honored by the present ruler. Our national army today, once a very prestigious regionally recognized force, has been diminished under this government and is now globally recognized for deadly corruption, hopelessness and terror aiding, today known for killing its own soldiers, supplying arms and cover to terrorists and inflicting direct terror on the citizenry with the open burning of towns and public transport buses.

With all this, as Nigeria falls down, down and becomes a globally registered and acknowledged nation of youth unemployment and state targeted murder, oil pollution, terror politics, corruption, over 70% of treasury looting, insecurity with armed robbery, kidnapping, child abduction, high sea piracy, terror exportation, and every terrible indices there is, the question is – is there any point where the president of Nigeria will apologize for this incomprehensible wickedness?

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