We will Eradicate Ibo’s Almajiris Says Sambo

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Vice-President Namadi Sambo has said that the problem of “almajiri” (school age children begging instead of schooling) is not peculiar to the Northern part of the Country alone just as the Sultan of Sokoto, Abubakar Saad , said Almajiri is not an Islamic problem but social problem. The duo made these assertions at a Special Meeting on Almajiri Education Programme conveyed by President Goodluck Jonathan at the Banquet Hall of the State House Abuja today.

The Vice-President said the Federal Government was committed to the sustainability of the “Almajiri” Model Schools. He said not only would the Government stem out the phenomenon, which is prevalent in the North, he added that other parts of the Country with children of school age roaming the streets will be taken care of. He said schools will be built around major markets for children of school age to attend especially in the Eastern part of the country where children of school age prefer trading to schooling.

The Sultan of Sokoto, Abubkar Saad said the problem of Almajiri is not Islamic but a social problem as Islam does not allow begging. He said  “the programme (almajiri) is finding solution to social problem not Islamic problem. Islam does not allow begging. Once we see it as finding solution to an Islamic problem, we are missing the point”.

He commended the Government on the model school and argued that the political leadership now “appears responsive”.  He however advocated for continuity and sustenance of the policy that is targeted at making sure all children of school age have access to education.

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