The Kuda App Has Everything You Need To Navigate the Virtual Money Life

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If you’re already enjoying the low-key, remote life as a snazzy Gen-Z but can’t get your money to follow you virtually, then there is something for you! Today, our mission is to bring you information that will make your money affairs as hitch-free as possible. So, our focus is on the Kuda app and how it’s designed to make your transactions possible from anywhere at any time.

Let’s give you a rundown of how the Kuda app can make your spending and saving easier.

1. Confirm sign-in and reset passwords with a selfie Cute selfies aren’t only for posts on Instagram. Kuda’s new selfie sign-in feature enables you to sign in to your account on a new device – with or without your password. Plus, you can reset your password with a selfie authentication process as well.

2. Revamped BVN Upgrades (T0 -> T1) By comparing the selfie taken during your BVN registration with the selfie you take when you open a Kuda account, true ownership of a BVN can be confirmed and prevent impersonators from accessing your account.

3. Usernames if you find memorizing and using account numbers inconvenient, then Kuda’s new Username feature has got you covered! You can now send money to other Kuda users with a simple username instead of an account number.

4. Pay bills and shop globally Pay TV subscriptions, buy meter units, internet data and more on the Kuda app. You can also buy gift cards to shop at local and international online stores.

5. Do it yourself.If you suspect that your account might be compromised, you can easily block your account at and unblock it any time.

6. Kuda Business for all.Kuda Business is the all-in-one business manager for freelancers and SMEs. If you run a business, you can open a Kuda Business account in minutes, send money to up to 1000 beneficiaries in one go, generate invoices, send payment reminders and move your business forward.

7. Manage your business account with your team.With the multi-user access feature on Kuda Business, you can manage your business account with other staff at your organisation. Access levels are customisable and flexible enough so that different people can have varying levels of access to your account.

The Kuda app is designed to make your virtual money lifestyle every inch effortless and easier. Download the Kuda app on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store now to help you make smart money moves!

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