The Excitement of Black Friday; What it Means For Brands, Entrepreneurs and Consumers in Nigeria

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Black Fridays have become known for customers around the globe as the window of opportunity to get best deals on products. Many consumers wait for this window to get gadgets, electronics, household items and other high earned products at discounted prices.

This year’s Black Friday falls on 26th of November, however, many e-commerce platforms in recent years open their offer to customers from the start of the month. For instance, Jumia, the leading e-commerce company in Africa scheduled its Black Friday sales to run through the month of November, with a grand finale on Friday, November 26th. This is usually done to enable more customers to enjoy the once in a year special sales window.

It is also the time of the year when vendors on e-commerce platforms across the globe make their record sales. Tayo Fatuga, owner of Ortintin store, has been a vendor on the Jumia platform for the past two years. According to him, his sales experience during the 2020 Jumia Black Friday was massive and he’s hoping for better sales turnover in this year’s edition. “ I actually joined the promotion last year and it was beyond my expectation. The orders I got really wowed me. In fact I got more than I bargained for and at a point in time I blamed myself why I had not stocked more.

This year, I am better prepared, my store has increased its inventory. I have more orders and I know that this Black Friday will be better than last year,” he said.

A JForce Agent, Abraham Elegba who is really excited about black friday said “This year’s Jumia Black Friday, I am excited because I know millions of items will be on promotion and it will be a good time for me and everyone to buy all the items that we couldn’t due to the rise in the price of things in Nigeria at the moment,” Abraham said. A JForce agent is a sales consultant and a Jumia customer who earns a certain percentage as commission for successful orders placed for self or for others on Jumia’s platform.

The entrepreneur who is part of the Lagos State JForce network further explained how the initiative helps meet the needs of consumers. “I have been a Jforce agent with Jumia for over 7 years now. Being a JForce agent is to provide customers satisfaction at the comfort of their homes with the best and affordable products. Most consumers are looking for the best product without stress.”

For Jumia consumer, Blessing Benson, she is looking forward to Black Friday because it is an opportunity to acquire some of the products she has always purchased at a much lower price, “When I buy on Jumia, I buy items for my stretch marks. I buy on Jumia because it is convenient for me and it is guaranteed that I will get the items I ordered for ”

Big global brands like Umdigi, Oraimo, Adidas, Samsung and Unilever, all partnered with Jumia Nigeria for the 2021 Black Friday sales to thrill their consumers with special offers that help maintain brand affinity and loyalty. Jumia’s partnerships with these brands and organizations have enabled SMEs to connect with millions of consumers online which in turn leads to job creations in the economy.

So, if you have that high end product you’ve been looking to acquire, the ongoing Black Friday sales might be that big opportunity to own it. Just be on the lookout for what the partner brands are offering during the period. You can check online sales platforms like Jumia to get information on when and how to benefit from the Black Friday discounts. You might end up having a November to remember in that regard.

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