The Demystification of Ogun West Traditional Stools

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Femi Elegbede

Traditional stools have always been highly revered and respected. But the respect is fast fading away in Ogun West. No thanks to the planned installation of Sen. Solomon Adeola, aka Yayi, of Lagos West Senatorial District as the Aremo of Yewaland.

It must be noted that Traditional Rulers are vested with authority to install people of integrity to whatever position they deem it fit. But this particular confirment has created a lot of bad blood among the people of Ogun West and even beyond with the Governor of the State advising the Traditional Rulers to be wary of whoever they are honouring with Chieftaincy Titles. This is a clandestine and subtle message directed to the issue going on in Ogun West. We have never heard this kind of admonition when such installation is happening in Ogun Central or East. This is how low our Traditional institution has sunk in Ogun West.

It is saddening that this particular confirment of Aremo on Sen Yayi has unduly divided the people of Ogun West and expose their fault lines right to the foundation. Unfortunately the Chief promoter of this contentious installation does not care about the division among his subjects. He is not even aware that he’s losing legitimacy and respect of his people. The man is even turning himself to a Traditional Activist rather than someone people should naturally follow. He’s now fighting frantically to drive home his wish.

How much is Sen Yayi ready to spend just to destroy our Traditional Institution? Not too long ago, a video surfaced on the social media where some traditional rulers were seen dancing around a Coaster Bus said to have been donated by Sen Yayi. Is that part of the grand plot to peneterate the mind of royal fathers and bring them to the disrepute? Is this part of the larger “Ajele Scheme” of old during colonial Era? Are our royal fathers aware that they are losing touch with their subjects? Those who live in glass house will do well not to throw stone.
Everything should be done to prevent the staining of our Royal Father’s white attire by a desperate individual who would do anything to achieve his aim. Our well meaning individuals must rise up to save our Traditional Stools from total desecration and destruction by a man of questionable character and lineage.

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