Tejuosho, US Based Nigerian Psychologist Set to Launch Education Foundation

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A Nigerian Health Administrator, Dr. Tayo Tejuosho, based in the United States of America has announced plans to launch a development centred Non-Governmental Organisation named Tayo Tejuosho Cares Foundation.

The Foundation is a registered non-profit organisation that focuses on development-oriented issues like education, reaching out and providing help to orphanage homes, poor widows, out of school children, and the less privileged in Nigeria.

Speaking on the proposed official unveiling of the foundation, Dr Tayo Tejuosho, Founder and Chairman of Tayo Tejuosho Cares Foundation said, “I am excited to announce the launch of Tayo Tejuosho Cares Foundation. Ours is essentially a non-profit organisation that focuses on development-oriented issues like education, the welfare of the vulnerable; physically challenged, senior citizens, poor widows and school children.”

Tejuosho noted further that “At Tayo Tejuosho Care Foundation we believe the best way to build better communities is by investing in education and health-related initiatives for children. Over the last 17 years, we have provided over $300,000 in support to more than 3,000 people with physical disabilities, poor widows, the needy, and out of school children. This year, the foundation will award over $5,000 as a full scholarship to students from all levels – from primary to secondary school, polytechnic and university. Also, thousands of notebooks, textbooks, school uniforms and stationaries will be donated to various schools in Nigeria.

In furtherance of this initiative, a team from the foundation had earlier visited some public and private schools in Lagos and Ogun State where educational materials were presented to indigent students.

Dr Tejuosho says he is inspired to initiate the foundation based on his field experience in the USA where he worked in various areas including health care, behavioural science, and community health providing services for a range of critical diagnostic, technical and therapeutic support as well as offering direct patient care.

He also worked for both non- profit and for-profit organizations in the US health care sector. Tayo Tejuosho Cares Foundation is been developed into an effective charity agency that will be an enabler for people who are physically challenged, poor widows, orphans, and the less privileged in Nigeria.

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