Tech firms redefining manufacturers, retail value chain

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With the emergence of tech firms in Nigeria, the redefinition of the face of retail business is holding sway as more value is being added to this sector.

Before now many retailers had no option of  making orders for stock online and getting their goods delivered for free at their store steps. But e-commerce platforms like Alerzo, have brought innovations making life easier for retailers and manufacturers likewise.

With its Alerzoshop app retailers can order online or call to make orders from an array of fast moving goods from genuine manufacturers and distributors, eliminating the hazards of adulterated goods, commuting long distances to buy goods from the open markets and others.

Alerzo offers manufacturers and distributors warehouses and logistics that help make goods available in four hours to the retailers in a more cost-efficient and convenient way. This, in turn, increases the retailers’ profit and quick turn over which as well impact on sales recorded by manufacturers and distributors.

A retailer with Alerzo who talked about how the tech firm has impacted on him said, “Doing business with Alerzo has saved me a lot of stress going to the market to restock. When I come back from the market, I come back with a headache.

“But since I started patronising Alerzo things are different. Alerzo has a vast assortment of goods. Secondly, Alerzo saves me the money on delivery and transportation aside from the convenience.

“My health has improved because I no longer go through the stress of buying goods in the open market and returning home with a headache. So I’m enjoying the convenience and it is good for my health and wellbeing.”

In addition, B2B  platforms benefit manufacturers and tier one distributors in data gathering and market intelligence on vital information such as consumer behaviour and preferences. They analyse data and share market insights with the manufacturers to further help them in research and product development, while distributors also use such information to scale up operational efficiency.

Their ability to improve sales and assist manufacturers, distributors and retailers to plan and ensure predictable outcomes, also underscores the strategic importance of B2B operators.

The retail market space is predicted to grow bigger in Nigeria as more start-up tech firms are building synergy in further redefining this sector, birthing more job opportunities and thriving small business owners.

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