Syria Ready To Battle AMERICA

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By Busolami Idowu

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has replied the US President a day after Barack Obama call for a military action against that that his country is capable of confronting any external attack. “Syria … is capable of confronting any external aggression,” Assad said on the state television during his meeting with some Iranian officials.

“The American threats of launching an attack against Syria will not discourage Syria away from its principles … or its fight against terrorism supported by some Syria Presidentregional and Western countries, first and foremost the United States of America.”

Assad’s made the statement as John Kerry, the US Secretary of State, said the US government had obtained evidence that “sarin gas” was used in an attack in Syria last month that the US claims killed 1,400 people. Hair and blood samples provided to the US from first responders on the scene of last month’s attack in Damascus “have tested positive for signatures of sarin,” Kerry said on Sunday.

The “case is building” for a military attack against the regime of Assad. However, the evidence has yet to be presented to the public.

Syria has tactical support of China, Russia, Iran and North Korea among others.

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