Statement By The Southern Nigeria Frontier.

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61st Independence Celebration: Nigeria not yet a Nation…..SNF

As Nigeria commemorate the 61 years of Independence, the Southern Nigeria Frontier SNF, wish to commend Nigerians, for their resilience, as the nation struggles towards experiencing the actualization of the promises of government, at various levels in the country, 61 years after the country attained Independence from colonial rule.

61 years after attaining Independence, our country still grapple with the failure of successive leadership, to actualize the dreams and aspirations, of our founding fathers, towards building a NATION from the country called Nigeria, bequeathed unto us, by the colonialists.

At 61 years, we have continued to spend a greater part of our productive national life and government focus, on issues of cattle grazing, grazing reserves and cattle routes. The federal government rather than preoccupying itself with issues that promotes national unity and cohesion, has been busy with mundane issues, that have polarised the country, in a manner, unprecedented in our history.

As we commemorate this 61 years of Independence amidst our continued quest for nationhood, the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari must commence a deliberate state policy, that will immediately end the serial violations of the Federal Character principle through skewed appointments, failure of obligation in line with the constitutionally mandated state policy of the security and welfare of the citizens, and take adequate measures, towards decisively bringing an end to the fastly growing trend of all manner of insurgency, in the country.

The time we are, is so sensitive, that the administration of President Buhari should halt every tendencies, which undermines democracy and encourage a totalitarian government, which does not regard the role and powers of the federating units, particularly the states, in decision making, revenue generation and the promulgation of laws, that can allow the smooth operations, of the Constituent units, that make up the federal republic of Nigeria.

Finally, we wish to restate our commitment, to the collective aspiration of our people, which support the prohibition of the antiquated Open Grazing system and the popular demand, that the principles of equity, fairness and Justice be respected by political parties in the 2023 general elections, by ensuring that the Presidency of Nigeria, returns to the Southern part of the country.

It’s Independence Day, but we say, not yet Uhuru….


Olufemi Lawson
Southern Nigeria Frontier SNF

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