SSS stops Ezekwesili from leaving country

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Former minister of Education in Nigeria, Mrs Ezekwesili has been detained by the State Security Service (SSS) on Monday as she tried to leave the country for the United Kingdom.

The former Minister of Education was stopped from traveling to the UK where she is billed to have an interview with British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Hardtalk.

Ezekwesili wrote on her Twitter handle that: “On my way to London this morning for my @BBCHARDtalk appearance billed for TOMORROW and the SSS has DETAINED me by WITHHOLDING my PASSPORT.”

Ezekwesili has been at the fore front of #BringBackOurGirls protests which the Federal Government and Presidency has often labelled as a group working for the opposition. #BringBackOurGirls protests in Abuja, the federal capital territory, have been frustrated over the last weeks with security agencies accusing the protesters of causing more trouble.

She quizzed the actions of the SSS and their intentions to hold back her passport. “Is this a democracy? she asked, adding that, “I am being detained by the SSS @ Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport . The SSS has REFUSED to GIVE MY PASSPORT TO ME.”

Ezekwesili then vowed that she would not let her right as a citizen of Nigeria to be wrongfully infringed upon. “No one can seize my democratic rights. I refused to let the SSS get away with trampling on my constitutional rights,” she tweeted.

About 20 minutes after she was detained she tweeted the release of her passport. “SSS has released it. Just barely made the BA flight. Last to board @ 7.55 for an 8.00 am flight that is now taxiing. Is this a DEMOCRACY?, she asked again.

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