Reuben Abati: Nigeria’s Most Evil Genius?

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Peregrino Brimah

Reuben-Abati (2)

Nothing is more dangerous than when a good man goes rogue. Most of the worst criminals in history were good men in society who either voluntarily or by virtue of circumstance, went rogue. We all know the award winning, chairman of the editorial board of the Nigerian Guardian, Dr Reuben Abati, our guy, a staunch truth shooter and government critic bar none. But when Reuben was sucked into the Jonathan Government, Lord have mercy!

One can only imagine what Reuben is up to today: conspiring, orchestrating, plotting and conniving. There is nowhere where you will not find Reuben or pick his dangerous scent. Reuben works between party lines, he sneaks up on activists, media editors; selling his paymasters’ wares in the last places you expect. If you are an activist or politician, you will know precisely what I am talking about. If the unbelievable story can be written, Reuben wrote it; if the unimaginable can be invented and spun, Reuben spun it. If it can be blown-up, Reuben is blowing it.

To get a clearer picture of the danger of this man, one simply has to think back and review the post election events of Nigeria, 2011. We all have it somewhere in our minds that former Head of state, General Muhammadu Buhari threatened something about making Nigeria ungovernable after he lost in 2011… and some other stuff like that? If we do, Reuben spun that. This libel was pretty much entirely cooked up by Reuben Abati to discredit the person of Gen. Buhari who was legitimately contesting the election process in 2011. This was the copyright invention of Reuben in that evil memo he spun one dark midnight in April of 2011, the Reuben memo: ‘For the attention of General Buhari.’

The evidence of this is the reality that Buhari took Reuben Abati and the Guardian he used to edit to court and Reuben begged and settled out of court. Reuben and his Guardian quietly published a retraction of the slanderous and libelous charges against the person of Buhari, as quoted below in the Guardian of July, 2013.; but few read it and the damage was already done. Buhari would remain tainted till the day he dies, thanks to a very sinister, evil genius Reuben.

GUARDIAN  Re: For the attention of General Buhari

Thursday, 11 July 2013 00:00 Editor

SIR: “On April 22, 2011, The Guardian Newspaper published an article on page 51 titled “For the attention of General Buhari” wherein certain allegations were made against General Muhammadu Buhari’s alleged role in the violence emanating from the elections.

The publication was based on information which we believed to be reliable at that time. Since the publication, however, we now have reason to believe that certain parts of the story were not verified to be correct before the publication.

We assure General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd) GCFR of our highest esteem and regret any distress or embarrassment which the said publication may have caused him.”

— Editor

In our March 15th article, ‘Now that Nigeria is ungovernable, what next?’ we examined all available public evidence of statements credited with the ‘ungovernable’ threat. See: . There is no link. Buhari only warned of consequences for similar rigging and malpractice as occurred in 2011 if it was repeated in 2015. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, unlike bad news and slander, this apology hardly spread past the 20,000 copies it was printed on and was hardly read or re-visited more than 24 hours after it was published. Reuben Abati had done his worst and a perhaps too gentle soldier, Buhari made little noise to repair his image after the out-of court settlement.

Talk about plain evil that continues to pollute; sin upon sin for the slanderer. Even a recent conservative ‘Tory tradition,’ Anglican group, the Bow Group, recently sponsored a report making reference to these imaginary inventions of Reuben. To no surprise, the report by a certain Zenn failed to reference the spurious allegations – because there simply is none. To attribute animal to Reuben’s ethos, the serpent is his perfect fit.

At this time in Nigeria’s history, as bombs and snipers start to target public cleric critics of this administration and opposition politicians, and millions out of stolen billions ($) are used to create chaos in every state and between families, one must keep an eye on the evil genius and the chartered opinion machines, #SomeoneTellLEVICK anyone, who are spending our nation’s billions in expensive media propaganda, like the forward  Positive Nigeria social media campaign and other powerfully sponsored campaigns popping up all of a sudden. These people are dangerous, to say the least!

Be alert and shine your eye.

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