Records show Governor Dapo Abiodun is an ex-convict

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The temperature of the political landscape in Ogun State rose higher during the week with a damning allegation that the Incumbent Governor, Prince Dapo Abiodun is an ex-convict.

The allegation was made by an NGO in a petition it sent to the Inspector General of Police.

The NGO, Advocacy of Advancement for Peace and Harmony in Africa Initiative in the petition, received March 4th, 2022 alleged that the person occupying the position of the Governor of Ogun state was in time past convicted for a felony in the USA bothering on fraud.

The NGO then attached documents to the petition.

In the petition sighted by NigerianEcho, the NGO said that In the mid-1980s, Dapo Abiodun, using a pseudonym SHAWN MICHAEL DAVIDS (probably after the popular wrestler, Shawn Michaels) committed 5 felony crimes (credit card fraud, petty theft, check forgery, etc) in Miami Dade County, Florida

It added that On 7th November 1986, he was arrested for fighting/injuring a Police officer and for resisting arrest.

The organization who claims that it owed Nigerians a duty to expose misdeeds by public officers, added that “While being processed at the station, his finger print was run through the crime database and it was discovered that the Adedapo Oluseun Abiodun being processed for detention was same as Shawn Michael Davids. His crime record and history was thus cemented and he was jailed.

The NGO gave Dapo Abiodun’s jail number in the USA as 8600B9436

It added further that prior to the 2015 election where he contested for the senate seat against the late Senator Buruji Kashamu of the PDP, the governor applied for the redaction of his criminal records in Miami Dade, Florida. The redaction was granted in August 2015.

Dapo Abiodun’s redaction application details are:

CFN…. 20150534571 BOOK…29743 PAGE…1170

DATE…18th August 2015


It was processed by Harvey Euvin, the Miami Dade City Clerk of Court

Under the Nigerian law, a CONVICTED perjury offence disqualified him from ever holding appointive or elective office in Nigeria.

This act of concealment meant he could lie on his INEC forms that he had no prior criminal records.

5 thoughts on “Records show Governor Dapo Abiodun is an ex-convict

  • Raph Alabi

    Well, let give him a fair hearing. Let him explain himself and tender evidence like the NGO too

  • Olutoyin Ogunmuyiwa

    Evidently awkward type of the umbrella name for body of nations nickname Nigeria over tolerated, too padded and long overdue to be reverted to naturally instituted nations by God.
    So help us God in Jesus name, amen.

  • Abeniade

    From what I can see, He was not prosecuted. The charges were dismissed.
    Nolle prosequi is a Latin phrase meaning “will no longer prosecute” or a variation on the same. It amounts to a dismissal of charges by the prosecution. Some states, like New York, for example, don’t use the phrase. Rather, they simply use the term dismissal.

  • Abeniade

    What is an example of nolle prosequi?
    The most common example is a lack of strong evidence from the state against the defendant. An insufficient amount of witnesses can also lead to a nolle prosequi being entered. Alternatively, they are often granted to individuals whose cases are not deemed worthy of further pursuit by the prosecutor.

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