Ramadan: Cleric urges Muslims to seek forgiveness, peace

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An Islamic scholar, Alhaji Muhammed Abdullahi, on Friday advised Muslims to dedicate the last 10 days of Ramadan to pray for forgiveness, peace and stability of the country.
Abdullahi, who is also the Chief Imam, Dantata Mosque, gave the advice during the Juma’at prayer in Abuja.

“The devotion of the last 10 days to prayers for forgiveness is imperative because Allah showers His blessings on devotees during the Night of Power, which falls within the last 10 days of Ramadan.
“It is, therefore, important for this Night of Power to meet our Muslim brothers and sisters in a place of worship,’’ the cleric said.
Abdullahi advised Muslims not to go back to sinful acts which they shunned after the month of Ramadan.
He admonished the faithful against returning to bad acts such as consumption of alcohol, backbiting and fornication, among
“The importance which Allah attaches to the month of Ramadan makes people to refer to it as the month of forgiveness.

“Therefore, we are not expected to go back to those sins which Allah have forbidden and also forgiven us during the period of the fast.

“It is expected of you to continue with the good deeds you exhibited in the month of Ramadan.
“We are expected to seek Allah’s forgiveness and distance ourselves from committing sins,” he said

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