PRESS RELEASE: ADC Is The Party To Beat In the Forthcoming 2023 Elections

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It is with much gladness, relief and enthusiasm of a better tomorrow that the African Democratic Congress (ADC) in Ogun State, received the news of yesterday’s judgment of the Court of Appeal that invalidated an earlier ruling of a Federal High Court that ordered INEC to delist names of our House of Assembly Candidates and Gubernatorial Candidate from participating in the 2023 general elections.

We recall that some discredited elements from an opposition party, took us to court, joining INEC also in the suit, on matters relating to the conducts of the primary elections that ushered in our candidates.

Whereas, we complied with extant provisions of the electoral act in the conducts of these primaries, to the extent that there was no internal dissension to that effect, we were surprised that other political parties had more than a passing interest in or internal activities.

Our incontestable inquest revealed that the ruling party, APC, was behind the judicial hurdles deliberately placed before us to slow down the growing momentum of the ADC across the state. The failed APC not only filed cases against us, they equally sponsored well known political traders from another political party to equally take us to court; apparently to stop us from fielding candidates for the impending election and by implication, prevent the mass of Ogun State people from exercising their democratic rights to freely choose candidates from the party of their choice.

During the pendency of this appeal, we had no doubt whatsoever that the judiciary through the eminent jurists of the appellate court, will preserve the sanctity of the law statues and restore the validity of our candidates; after all, he that has not sinned fears no retribution. We are therefore pleased that justice has been served and the rule of law has won against another assault on its integrity.

Our traducers went to court to prevent the ADC from legitimate democratic contest because they have lost the confidence of the people through bad governance. They wanted to take away the inalienable rights of the people to freely choose their leaders. They forgot that no one has the power to do that, for democratic rights like any other social right, cannot be taken away from the people; not even the audacious attempt to use the hallowed temple of justice to perpetrate political debauchery.

Furthermore, our gladness and enthusiasm is borne out of the fact that the people now have credible alternatives to the insincere, incompetent and crooked Dapo Abiodun-led APC administration in the state. This is not just a victory for Barrister Biyi Otegbeye, his deputy, Tunde Awonuga and the 26 House of Assembly candidates; it is a victory for the Ogun electorate, as they can now look forward to a government that will be compassionate and people oriented in its dealings.

With ADC in the saddle, our people can be rest assured that the incoming administration consist a prepared team of visionaries with verifiable antecedents, who are honest and have the capacities, competencies and working plan to fix the current shattered system and utilize our inherent resources, allocations and opportunities to build wealth for the greatest numbers of people per time and enhance the living standards of people while restoring their dignities that have been eroded in the last 44 months.

Finally, we hereby rally all eligible voters in the state to go and collect their Permanent Voters Card (PVCs) and be prepared to vote massively for the ADC. A vote for us is a vote for the good governance, accountability and development.

We would like to use this medium to appreciate all our candidates and party faithful for standing firm in the face of oppression and working assiduously for the party. In due course, Ogun State will be great again and we shall all celebrate.


Barr. Olumide Onabajo
State Publicity Secretary
ADC, Ogun State

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