Premiere Accademy Asks Police To Release Keren Happuch-Akpagher’s Autopsy Report

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The management of Premiere Accademy, Lugbe Abuja, has called on the Nigerian Police to release the report of the autopsy carried out on a late student of the school, Keren Akpagher.

The school made the call in a statement signed by the management.

The statement read:

Unfortunately, we are compelled to make further comments on the loss of one of our students, Keren Happuch-Akpagher who passed away on 22 June, 2021 at the Queens Hospital Wuse Zone 6, Abuja.

It is important to note that Keren was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of nine with a history of hyperglycaemic crisis, which prompted her to receive an insulin injection twice every day.

On the Saturday morning of 19 June, as requested by her mother she went to the Nisa Premier Eye Clinic for a follow-up appointment with an ophthalmologist after she had earlier complained of a redness of the eye, which is something she has always managed at one time or another.

A female school nurse, the female teacher on duty, and the school driver took her to the clinic where her mother was waiting to receive them. At their arrival at the clinic, the mother met with them and took Keren into the doctor’s office for the appointment. After which she handed her back to the school’s staff members. While at the hospital Karen wanted to go home with her mother, but the school nurse declined stating that she wasn’t given the permission to release the ward to her in line with the school’s standard safety procedure. The school nurse asked the mother to request an exeat to pick up her child officially in the school. 

After they got back from the eye clinic, Keren’s mother made a request which was promptly granted, and she subsequently left the school with her mother and uncle on the same day. (The CCTV footage showing Keren leave the school during this period is available)

Two days later, on Monday morning, the mother called and informed the school matron that Keren became unwell and delirious in the early hours of the morning and had been rushed to Queens Clinic, Wuse Zone 6.  

The matron immediately visited Karen at the hospital in company of the Head of Pastoral of the academy. The school team met with the mother and Keren was found to be heavily sedated and in a state of coma. 

Seeing this, the school matron requested to see the doctor treating Keren but was told that he had closed for the day.  After which the school matron requested that Keren be moved to a better facility, to which the mother declined.

It is important to note clearly that, other than the doctor at Queens Clinic, no one else has sighted the supposed condom which was said to have been retrieved from her body – not even the police.  

Sadly, Keren passed on in the hours of Tuesday, 22 June, 2021 at the same hospital. As a school and as caregivers, we are devastated by this loss as we largely believe that her health was poorly managed after she left the school two days earlier. We can safely take this position because her blood sugar as at the time of the hospital visit was over 400mmg/dl (a reading like this can ultimately lead to a fatal condition of hyperglycaemia) as against the 114mmg/dl when she left the school on Saturday. 

Throughout Karen’s stay in our care (she joined us in 2019), we effectively managed her health condition. This includes her twice-daily insulin jab, with details written in her handwriting. (This was part of our medical team’s approach to getting her involved with the process as well as raising her to be responsible for herself). We paid so much attention to her care that the allegation of rape while in school is alarming. 

As an institution, we are strongly against violence and sexual harassment and will do all that is possible to keep our students safe. To this end, we have continued to support and cooperate with the authorities investigating her death including the Police, Ministry of Education in the FCT, several media houses and NGOs who have visited the school among others to unravel the cause of her death including allegations suggesting that Keren was sexually assaulted.

The claim that a condom was found in late Keren which led to sepsis, and ultimately her death, is very disturbing. We hope that at some point, the management of Queens Clinic will provide more details of this claim as we hope to get more clarity.

We are also calling on Nigerian Police to release the result of the autopsy which was carried out and which we believe will provide answers to the many questions surrounding her death.

We condole with the family and friends of our dear Keren. May her soul continue to rest in peace.

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