Personality Check: Here’s a Look at the Top 5 Most Talked About Big Brother Titans

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The Big Brother Titans Reality TV show continues to provide premium drama for the entertainment of all lovers of reality TV shows across Africa. 

Thanks to the diverse personalities of the housemates and the uniqueness of the show’s rules, which is a step away from what we are used to, some housemates have created quite an impression with their antics and have earned a spot in the category of the most talked about Titan. 

Here are our top 5 Titans with personalities worth mentioning. 

Yemi Cregx

Yemi was the first housemate to step into Big Brother’s house. His first interaction with Khosi showed his lover boy personality to the delight of fans. However, this has transformed into the infamous ‘Yoruba demon’ personality with his involvement with South African diva, Blue Avia.

Yemi’s active pursuit of both ladies has resulted in a love triangle causing bad blood between these two lovely ladies. He has kissed both ladies and spent intimate moments with them.

The Nigerian hunk is a smooth talker and seems to gravitate towards housemates who can aid his stay in the house.

Yemi was saved from eviction by Blue Avia, but it seems it is not enough to stop him from seeing Khosi. It’s a dangerous game, and we wonder if he will succeed in eating his cake and having it. 


She was the first lady and second housemate to enter the Big Brother House. We could argue that her coquettish request “Help me with my earring” to Yemi started the Yemi-Khosi ship.  

Khosi has positioned herself as a queen bee, reserved and well-liked by the guys in the house, especially Thabang. In the last few days, Khosi has added feisty to her personality checklist, as seen during the fight with Jenny O, which almost got physical but did not, thanks to the intervention of the other housemates.

Her relationship with Yemi has also placed her in the crosshairs of Blue Aiva who nominated her for eviction repeatedly. We can’t wait to see what other traits Khosi reveals as the show progresses

Blue Avia 

Affectionately called Blue, she is another Titan with a personality worth mentioning. Her bikini-clad body caused quite a stir during her introduction into the house during the pool party, and we believe that was on purpose as she continues to flaunt her curves every chance she gets.  

She caught a lot of attention, including Yemi’s, who pursued her endlessly despite his entanglement with Khosi. She hasn’t been in any open confrontation with any of the housemates, but her vendetta against Khosi shows she can be vengeful as seen in her attitude and her nominations. Her stint as the head of the house shows she is well-liked by the housemates, but we are still waiting for her to reveal more of herself.



The organizers of Big Brother Titans were hailed for their inclusion when Ebubu was unveiled as one of the housemates. At the premiere, Ebubu won the hearts of fans with his antics, energy, and use of grammar. Ebubu was emotional the first few days in the house, but over the weeks, he has shown his determination and skills, especially during the Head of House (HOH) games and his choice of nominations. His emergence as the HOH was greeted with delight by fans on social media, and according to the housemates, he is doing a good job. Ebubu doesn’t seem to have any love interests in the house, but he is well-liked by his housemates and seems close to partner, Tsastii. 

Juicy Jay

Juicy Jay started with a sweet, funny, and loyal persona in the first few days in the house, but as the show progresses, his personality seems to shift, and we see him playing the game of manipulation. 

This is obvious in his relationship with Jenny O and Yvonne. He has kissed both ladies and lied to them. He also confessed to Khosi that he has feelings for Ipeleng and sees her as wife material and Yvonne as a slay queen whom he wants to take to bed. His perceived strategy is to get female housemates emotionally attached so that he doesn’t get nominated for eviction. This is a classic case of eating your cake, having it, and robbing the bakery. We can’t wait to see what happens tonight during the Saturday night party. 

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