Osun Police Command Lambasts PDP’s Desperate and Vicious Lies.

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The attention of the Osun State Police Command has been drawn to the rumour making the round that an Executive Secretary of a Local Government in Osun State was arrested by the State Police Command for gun running. This is false in all ramifications.
Some newspapers had reported on July 10 that the Executive Secretary was arrested by the police for being in possession of 17 Kalashnikov rifles, 10 Pump Action guns and 50 machetes. No such thing happened in this command.
The police received a petition signed by one Hashim Abioye alleging attempted murder, illegal possession of firearms, violent conduct and criminal assault against four persons. The police invited all the parties and carried out a thorough investigation, including searches in the premises of those accused, in company of the petitioner. The allegations turned out to be false and without any basis. No weapon of any kind was found in possession of the Executive Secretary or any of his associates.
The Executive Secretary was at no time arrested, detained, taken to Abuja or threatened to be taken to Abuja by the command. It is most unfortunate that newspapers will report outright falsehood, unduly fuel crisis among the parties and generate tension among the people.
The quantum of weapons alleged is sufficient to start a war and the false report is therefore capable of instilling fear in the people and bring the peace in the state on the edge. This kind of allegation is therefore very sensitive and requires to be verified by the appropriate authority, which is the police.
For the avoidance of doubt, this command is alive to its responsibility of protecting lives and property and maintaining the liberty of all the people. We will therefore not allow any action capable of undermining the peace enjoyed in the state.
The police will like to advise those concerned to stop spreading rumours, falsehood and making unfounded allegations. We will also like to appeal to the media to be alive to their social responsibility of reporting the truth, and not speculation, and therefore seek to confirm any allegation from the police, no matter how seemingly credible the source may look.
Alhaji Ibrahim Maishanu
Commissioner of Police,
Osun State Command‎

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