America’s Statement On Nigeria’s Proposed Prohibition And Criminalisation Of Same Sex Marriage Is Mischievous

I have been following the controversy and the looming diplomatic crisis between the US and Nigeria over the proposed prohibition and criminalization of same sex marriage by Nigeria with keen interest and it is my sincere opinion as a human rights lawyer that the issue is being over emphasized by either side to the extent that both countries are losing sight of more important areas that promote mutually beneficial relationship between them. For instance, the past one and a half years have witnessed positive developments in the relationship between the US and Nigeria. Both countries have agreed among others, to set up a Bi-National Commission for management of bilateral relations and to develop stronger ties, friendship and partnership with each other.

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“ACN Leaders Have Just Declared War on Lagos”…..Comrade Akele

I agree; since the demise of Chief Gani fawehinmi and indeed since his health deteriorated before he died, the human rights communities appear not to exist anymore. They have mostly been consumed or compromised by Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) party, to the detriment of the citizenry of Lagos in particular.

The 500% tuition fees introduced a few months ago, and, the imposition of illicit Lekki Toll on Lagosians, among other terrorist activities of Lagos state government, ought to attract the attention of human rights activists like Falana, but they have kept mum as if nothing inimical is happening to the interest of Lagosians.

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Afenifere Solidarity Visit To Otunba Gbenga Daniel And The Pan Yoruba Group Observation


It is an atonement of perfidy to find out that the Afenifere Renewal Group, the younger subsidiary of Afenifere that broke away from the main body due to post-Adesanya leadership variance, would condemn Afenifere leaders’ visit to former Ogun State Governor Otunba Gbenga Daniel, OGD, led by Chief Reuben Fasoranti, saying they had set a bad precedence. What type of bad precedent in Yorubaland for discrediting some individuals, or working on discrediting an individual, if we may ask?

Could we consider the murder of one of the founders of Afenifere, the Chief Law Enforcement Minister, Chief Bola Ige, in his Ibadan home without a trace of how he was murdered, while a purported Yoruba blood was the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria? Unfortunately the Afenifere Renewal Group has allowed its emotion to override its good sense of reasoning and failed to differentiate between their sentiment and wisdom.

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Ogun State: Never Before, Never Again!

Looking critically into the current situation of things in the gateway state of Nigeria, one would know that the state is currently not in a smiling mood. As the festivity period draws nearer, the people of the state were clamoring, complaining, crying over high level of insecurity and government insensitivity to the complaints of its people.

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