Ogun West Agenda ’23: When Reasons Should Prevail

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Kareem Ajasa

Sometime in 2015, a fine Gentleman rode onto the political scene like a wild storm. His ultimate destination was the Red Chamber of the National Assembly; and his first take off point was Yewa. His name is Olumide Osunsina, a property mercgant and owner of the Megamound business. So many of us took this in because we were were looking for a financial backbone for the Yewa/Awori crusade. His house in Lagos and Ibadan became a Mecca of sort to almost all the political leaders in Yewa land. As the heat of election campaigns gather steam, the wind of the sail also glides downward and some of our people traced Osunsina’s origin back to Abeokuta in Ogun Central.

About the same time, a new flotilla was gathering sail, another fine gentleman, although playing his politics in Lagos also rode in on a white horse, his initial take off point was Abeokuta North in Ogun Central. Of course we were less bothered, that was not our sphere of influence. His ship was assailed with strong winds until it drifted towards Ilaro. As far as it is about the Yewa/Awori project, Senator Olamilekan Solomon (Yayi) is very much welcome; he has the financial muscle to help us wrestle power and break the jinx once and for all. To start with, he is a worthy candidate for the Ogun West Senatorial District, and we are generous enough to award him this, especially because he is eminently more than qualified.

Now that we have this Senate in the bag, I think we should then expand our scope towards the Governorship of Ogun State. It is also proper, fit and morally correct that Yayi should also join in this crusade as a “true born” Yewa indigene. He should roll out his money in support of the worthy cause for which several generations have struggled to achieve; his name will be recorded in the page of history as one of the actualisers of a worthy cause, a struggle which has defeated all known strongmen in the politics of Ogun State, starting from the late safe, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, former Governors Gbenga Daniel, Ibikunle Amosun as well as former President Olusegun Obasanjo and Senator Buruji Kasamu even at the height of their political powers.

It is only when reason prevails that the Yewas and Aworis can truthfully say, “it is in my own time” that history was rewritten. It does not follow logic that a whole race of people will deliberately delay their own hour of assured salvation and pause their struggle in keeping for a future that is not yet certain. The Ogun West struggle for power will be meaningless if it was conceptualized like a battle in exclusive reserve for an “Omo Oye”. Political promises are like the air, they cannot be worth more than the breath with which they were blown. Who can say for certain that Dapo Abiodun is really planning to hand over to Yayi. I can say this authoritatively that March 30th, win or lose is the terminal date for all Yayi’s men in DA’s cabinet. I have very credible and reliable intelligence on this and they cannot fault me on this. Some of DA’s henchmen in the Remo are led by Biyi Adeleye and some others (I have all their names) have approached the Governor not to take the risk of keeping any of Yayi’s men close to the end of his tenure, they reasoned with him that Yayi’s governorship bid will start as soon as the elections are concluded and that they will do everything to distract his administration. Already penciled down are Tunji Egbetokun, Funmi Efuape and many others. Both Tunji and Funmi were alleged to have held secret meetings with a particular Governorship candidate outside the country and they have credible intelligence on that. So, the race to stop Yayi starts from March 12. DA believes that Yayi with his political experience will be too difficult to control and the baton of trust will be better in the hands of Salisu Shuabu.

The Ibos have a proverb that one man cannot feed a whole village to “belle full”, but when a whole village decides to feed one man “the stomach go burst”. It is unthinkable that a whole race will hand all their hopes on one man, especially when the opportunity to set right several years of historical wrongs presents itself on a platter of gold. This is Yewa and Aworis’ best opportunity, and we need to take it; it is the first time that ONLY one candidate from the region will be on the ballot and we need to seize the moment.

One can hardly be lucky twice. Projection for 2027 is like playing in a fools’ paradise. The Egbas are coming and the equation will definitely change, the line up is massive, the sentiments will be unassailable. Perish the thought that DA can rally Ijebus and Remos behind a Yewa candidate in 2027. Have you done your due diligence of the Governor’s popularity in Ogun East where he comes from? DA won in only one Senatorial District (Ogun East) in 2019, has his public perception rating improved between then and now? Definitely No! So a drowning man cannot help another in times of difficulty.

Yewa Obas and leaders need to wake up now, hold secret meetings and give the marching orders to rally behind Biyi Otegbeye so that they can be recorded on the positive side of history, if they fail, then they should not blame anyone in the future if this opportunity slips.

Kareem Ajasa
Ajana Quatres, Ota

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