Nwoye battles Uba groups at the PDP Convention

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By Busolami Idowu

Eagle square was turn to theater of drama yesterday as political gladiators in the PDP from Anambra chapter of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) put up a show of shame at the venue of the special convention of the ruling party today.

In what appears as crisis management effort, Organisers had divided the seats according to states to prevent crisis. Surprisingly, about 50 minutes before the President and his entourage arrived the venue, there was chaos as the two groups laying claim to the governorship ticket in the state exchanged blows for about an hour over sitting positions.

Nwoye & Uba fightsTrouble started when Mr. Tony Nwoye came into the venue of the convention with a large crowd of youths who appeared battle ready. Nwoye was trying to find a seat spotted Andy Uba sitting in the area provided for Anambra delegates. The youths who came with Nowye went straight to Andy Uba and demanded to know what he was doing on a seat reserved for their “Principal”

Senator Andy Uba had come into the venue with his group several hours before the commencement of the event. He was seated with the Minister of Aviation, Princess Stella Oduah and his brother, Chris Uba. Eyewitness confirmed that Senator Andy Uba remained silent without raising a finger, but his brother Chris Uba was reported to have stood up to the visibly angry youth and claimed that the suspension had been lifted by a court judgment.

The shouting match started and degenerated into a free-for-all when one of the youths pushed Chris. Exchange of punches and blows followed. It was however noticed that the security aide to Stella Odua watched without any attempt to arrest the situation tactically moved the minister out of the scene before the fisticuffs ensued.

Andy remained seated and silent throughout the crisis. It took the intervention of additional security men to bring the brawl under control. The fighting ceased when the President walked in with some governors and other key officers of the party, and continued afterwards. Tony Nwoye later found a seat beside the Uba brothers though there was a man separating him from Chris

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