North-East APC Youth Groups Endorse Rinsola Abiola for National Youth Leader

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…say her emergence will swell party’s support amongst youths and women

The APC North-East Youth Vanguard, a broad coalition of influential youth-centered groups in the northeastern part of the country, has thrown its weight behind the candidacy of Rinsola Abiola, expressing support for her emergence as the party’s next National Youth Leader.

The declaration was made at a joint press conference held on Saturday, March 19.

Citing Miss Abiola’s vast experience in grassroots mobilization and contributions to the advancement of youth interests within the party, Comrade Zakari Hashim, the convener of the coalition, said its endorsement of her candidature rests on the conviction that if elected, she would increase the appeal of the party amongst the two crucial demography of youths and women.

“In all aspects of electoral processes, the role of the youth cannot be underestimated given that the mobilization of voters, which is key to every electoral victory, is largely carried out by youths. As such, we can succinctly posit that the position of the youth in democracy is that of a pillar in a building whereby if it ceases to exist, the building cannot stand,” the coalition said.

“As we approach the National Convention of the All Progressive Congress, we the APC North-East Youth Vanguard converge here today to affirm our wholesome support for Hon. Rinsola Abiola’s candidature as APC Youth leader.”

“Our support is due to her antecedents in the area of grassroots mobilization throughout various assignments and positions she has held either in the party’s leadership or in many support groups.”

“Her vast experience in the area of mobilization will forever be a selling point for our party in the forthcoming general election and this should not be taken for granted. We believe she remains the best among all the aspirants for the position of Youth Leader, having considered her background in political participation and her admirable status as a credible gender equity advocate.”

“Since women are the majority voters, we are very sure her victory will mark a turning point in our great party.”

The coalition called on delegates and the leadership of the party to heed Rinsola Abiola’s charge for the party to make history and polish its progressive credentials by producing Nigeria’s first female National Youth Leader on such a major political platform.

Their endorsement, which carries enormous political weight given the reach of the member groups of the coalition and the number of delegates at play in the North East, follows a similar declaration of support by equally influential APC Youth Groups in the North West region of the country.

This has strengthened calculations that Rinsola Abiola has successfully built an extensive political network and goodwill capable of propelling her to victory at the party’s convention on the 26th of March.

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