Mourihno applauds, defends Messi’s World Cup Performance

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By Opeyemi Oladunjoye
Jose Mourinho

Chelsea coach, Jose Mourinho, has defended Lionel Messi’s subdued performances at the 2014 World Cup that ended on Sunday with Germany beating Argentina 1-0.

Mourinho, who was an ESPN analyst in Brazil said: “He [Messi] sacrificed himself for the good of the team. He was more focused on winning the tournament than being its best player.

“I saw him playing in areas of the pitch where he doesn’t usually play. He dropped deep and picked up the ball a long way from the opposition’s goal.”

The Portuguese is particularly known for not being cordial with Barcelona players almost all through his career actors and showing them no respect at all. His utterances about Barcelona’s biggest star have now come as a surprise.

“Messi has my utmost respect for what he did at the World Cup”, Mourinho added. “Playing football for your country is different to playing for your club. If he’d wanted to show just how good he is he’d have played tucked in behind HiguaIn, waiting for that moment to change the game.”

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