Money Laundering: Oyo Governor’s Wife Denies Arrest

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The wife of Oyo State Governor, Mrs FLorence Ajimobi who was reported to have been arrested by the London Metropolitan Police arrived Wednesday morning to refute the story. The news of her arrest was reported by PM news, a media organisation that is owned by the leader of Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. Coming from this medium, lots of observers had thought there would be some elements of truth in the purported arrest on charges of money laundering especially when the husband of the woman, Senator Abiola Ajimobi is an ACN Governor.
Mrs. Ajimobi speaking on her arrival from London, Wednesday morning at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Ikeja, Lagos aboard a Virgin Atlantic Airways aircraft ,described as laughable the rumour of her arrest saying that she only travelled last Sunday to London to accompany her child, who returned school.
She said, ” I am here live as you can see, I have never had any encounter with the London Metropolitan Police , and I know I will never have. It is just rumour like you said , and I think the time has come for us in Nigeria to stop playing dirty politics , we should be very objective , when we are giving information , in particular members of the press, we should verify the information we are giving , and I just want to use this medium to say that the ultimate measure of any man or woman , is where you stand in times of conflict , challenges and controversy and not in times of comfort.
I stand on the solid rock of Jesus Christ , and all other grounds is sinking sand .It is a phase, it will pass over, this is because I am more than a conqueror. It is the price I have to pay as the wife of a politician. In particular in Oyo State, where there is record of dirty politics . I do not have any blemish in my ward robe, and I am never going to have any.”
She further clarified that contrary to the ru

Latifat Adebola
Latifat Adebola

mour making the round that she was arrested two weeks ago, she travelled with her husband to Taipei, in Asia through Dubai for an official engagement. ” I went on an official visit to Taiwan with my husband, and we did not go to London, from Lagos, we went to Dubai, to Hon Kong , to Taipei, from there back to Hon Kong , to Dubai and back to Lagos .

My international passport is there for record, I could give my passport to you to photocopy and verify and return to me.
It was also alleged that I had traveled out of this country for 52 times , that sounds very ridiculous to me , it means I not even live in Nigeria .Like I said, we can make photocopy for verification”, she added.
Explaining why she had to be in London at that time, Mrs. Ajimobi said, ” I have a 14 year old child , that has been in England since 2007, and every parent that has children over there , they know the system, she is still in secondary school ,they come home every three weeks, and you have to go and pick them up from school, there are no exemptions that that they are international students, you cannot say because my husband is a governor, because I am married to a governor , I should shelve my responsibility as a mother , I have to manage my home, take care of my children and play the role of a good mother, a responsible mother and a committed mother. That I will do no matter what any body says. My children need me , my child over there needs me and I will be there for her.”
Visibly angry, Mrs. Ajimobi said, ” For me, the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, if they have the fear of God , they will stop being mischievous , they should think before they act, they should have the fear of God as well, in their mind, because at the end of the day, there is a judgement day , and all us will be accountable for our actions.
I don’t grudge them , but I just know they have God to contend with, because if you want to blemish my image, the reputation I have kept and maintained for over 32 years , I have kept that name , and for anybody to come at this moment to tarnish that name, they will have God to contend with and I know that they will pay it. Thank you very much . “
PM news had reported that the wife of Oyo State Governor who was in United kingdom was arrested by the Metropolitan Police while entering into the Country with a large sum of money. The money, according to the media organisation was 400,000 pounds.

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