Independence celebration: Offering micro businesses freedom through technology

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It’s that time of the year when the independence of Nigeria from its colonial masters is commemorated. The annual October 1st celebration has recently been greeted with mixed feelings as many nationals believe there was more that needed to be done for the 62-year-old country, as true independence connotes meaningful development and progress.  

Some also believe that all hope is not lost for a country blessed with exceptional humans that are achieving incredible feats in sports, education, information and communication technology (ICT) and other endeavours.

The boom in the ICT sector over oil dependence gives another dimension  of hope and freedom, as the data made available by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) indicates that the sector had contributed 18.44 percent to the country’s gross domestic product in Q2 2022.

Through its in-depth understanding of the system, e-commerce firms like Alerzo are proffering solutions to the challenges in the industry and, in turn, boosting the economy.

Informal retailers on the Alerzo platform testify to the freedom they derive from the e-commerce firm that is leveraging technology to help micro businesses thrive through a wide array of digital products it provides. For instance, the Alerzoshop mobile app allows retailers to order for goods and get them delivered swiftly to their stores without any delivery fees.

The technology Alerzo provides through the Alerzoshop app ultimately saves retailers from the stress of commuting to major markets to buy stock; they also do not fall victim to buying adulterated products and road hazards. They are exempted from payments at the open markets and motor parks where they board vehicles to convey their stock to their stores, thus further helping them reduce the cost of restocking.

Alerzo Group CEO, Adewale Opaleye, speaking on the freedom the firm is offering to retailers, said: “Alerzo has deployed technology in addressing the challenges of the retailers who are on our platform. With our free delivery services, retailers save time, energy, and resources that they would have otherwise expended in restocking.’’ 

A retailer who buys stock from the Alerzo platform said: “Doing business with Alerzo has removed the stress of going to the market to restock. When I come back from the market, I come back with a headache.

“But since I started patronising Alerzo, things are different. Alerzo has a vast assortment of goods. Secondly, Alerzo saves me  money on delivery and transportation aside from the convenience.

“My health has improved because I no longer go through the stress of buying goods in the open market and returning home with a headache. So, I’m enjoying the convenience and it is good for my health and wellbeing,” he explained.

The Alerzopay PoS terminals also make doing business much easier as the retailers can make payment for the goods purchased, conduct cash back transactions, and pay utility bills.

A retailer, Oluwagbemileke Abosede said in her two decades of doing business, her journey with Alerzo has been more rewarding, stating: “I purchase from Alerzo and they deliver free of charge. I was given the Alerzopay PoS machine for payment, some customers won’t buy from you if you don’t have PoS. Since I started using the PoS terminal, my sales have increased.’’

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