I take satisfaction in delivering Happiness’ – Jumia Delivery Agent In Benin City

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Members of the online shopping community will attest that Charting items and checking out is just one aspect of the service. What actually completes the whole experience is the final delivery of the shopped items at the preferred destination of the customer. This encompasses timeliness, attractive packaging and the charisma of the delivery agents. 

The logistics machinery thus occupies a very crucial space for a successful  e-commerce value chain. This explains why major online shopping platforms invest heavily in their logistics services to ensure their brand value is maintained till the goods are delivered at the doorsteps of the customers. 

For these delivery agents, filling this important space requires more than possessing driving skills and knowledge of the road networks. A Jumia delivery agent in Benin City, Victor Osamudiamen provides insight into what goes into his daily delivery efforts: “For me it’s not all about the  money, but the delivery satisfaction which is a core value for Jumia. In all we need to have that positive mental attitude to always deliver happiness because in delivering happiness is where you make your money, Jumia is happy and the customer is happy. For us all, it’s a win-win situation,” he said. 

According to Victor, who makes his delivery with Jumia van, bad roads, and poor numbering are some of the obstacles delivery agents deal with daily in their quest to deliver the ease and seamless value proposition of online shopping to customers. “Down the line, there have been some challenges; bad roads, funny customers, poor numbering systems, and sometimes faulty vehicles.”

He also talked about his 6 years  journey with the e-commerce brand which he said has left him with no regrets.  “I joined Jumia in january 2015, and by the grace of God, it’s been an amazing experience. I used to work as a sales executive with a production company but had to let go in order to join Jumia, and  I’ve had no regrets.”

It will definitely take more devoted agents like Victor to bring more Nigerians into the online shopping space, but many will agree that African e-commerce brands are on the path to achieving this with continued sensitisation, partnerships and logistics investments.

Recent data showed that more than 22% of  Jumia deliveries in 2020 were done in rural and secondary cities.  This gives credence to the increasing rate of e-commerce adoption in rural settlements. 

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