How Dapo Abiodun Betrayed Tinubu, Others

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By Johnson Shodunke

Venue was the National Centre for Women Development (Dora Akunyili Guest House) 5th Street at the Central Business District (CBD). The time was around 17 hours on the 7th of June, 2022. The Governor of Ogun State, Mr. Dapo Abiodun was decked in his traditional adire attire matched with his signature Yellow cap, the Vice president of the Federal Republic stood beside him with his innocent petition to secure the Ogun State’s Delegates votes at APC Presidential National Convention which is holding the following day. The Professor VP was armed with his Manifesto and Programs for the party and the nation, he had hoped to convince the delegates from his home state why he is the best qualified for the job.

From nowhere, a loud voice resonated into the quietness of the night, it was from Dapo Abiodun “Eleyi ara wa, eyi ara wa”. Not only the audience comprising mainly the Ogun State Delegates to the APC Convention were in shock, even the Vice President who had hoped to take on the audience with his intellectual prowess, trusting in his oratory capacity to swing and sway the sympathy of the Delegates. Reluctantly, some of the Delegates chorused the refrain: “Eyi Ara wa”, praying that the sad intrusion into the VP’s speech will somehow find its way to fizzle out.

Again, Dapo Abiodun dropped the Bombshell “My candidate is not carrying a Chicago Certificate, he is a better, qualified Professor with Genuine certificate” and he repeated this like three times into the sombre night, ending with a childish excitement singing the “Eleyi ara wa” further into the quietness of the night and slicing into the peace of most of the delegates.

This was more than what some of the delegates can take. They had come to Abuja, though at the Governor’s patronage, but hoping they could be allowed to exercise their franchise in peace and upend their conscience. But here it is like Governor Dapo Abiodun is hell bent on railroading them into his choice, which truthfully many of them were not really averse to, but the marketing style of the Governor which involves disparaging comments about the person of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu unsettles most of them. Some of his aides, Tunji Egbetokun, Adijat Adeleye, Tunde Oladunjoye were already up in arms against their boss’s choice and they started recording the event of the night for future use. These videos, I later learnt found their ways to the Asokoro residence of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu that same evening.

Two weeks earlier, the Jagaban had been in Abeokuta where he made his now legendary “O lu’le” and “Eleyi” remarks. Gathered that the “Eleyi” remarks were not made ‘ex-nihilo’; it was actually derived from privileged information about the sinister moves by Dapo Abiodun against the presidential aspiration of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu prior to the visit. Reliable intelligence available to BAT had revealed Dapo Abiodun’s avowed support for any preferred candidate of the Cabals, as long as it is not Tinubu. To show commitment to this alliance, Dapo Abiodun did all he could to frustrate the visit of Bola Tinubu to Ogun State, using various kinds of excuses. The final visit, which was like a Jagaban gatecrash prompted the “Eleyi” comment which was the now President-elect final declaration of war on the mole of the cabal in the South West.

As the APC Primary was finally decided in Jagaban’s favour, Dapo Abiodun found it difficult to be healed of his hatred and betrayals. To further shut the APC Presidential candidate out of Ogun State, so many clogs were placed on the way. The Campaign visit of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu was shelved about three times, and on each occasion for no justifiable reason. The Ogun State Governor will simply declare that Ogun State is not ready. A lot of pressure was put on Dapo Abiodun to allow the entry of Asiwaju into Ogun State, until the Tinubu-Shettima Grassroots Independent Campaign Council (TSGICC), Jagaban’s independent campaign structure, Ogun State chapter, which operates outside the APC party’s control volunteered to host the APC Presidential flag bearer in Ogun State with or without the Governor’s assent. That was when Dapo Abiodun capitulated. Typical Asiwaju, a practical person, one who couldn’t hide his feelings, he showed his displeasure both in utterances and conducts during the final Abeokuta rally.

Not only did Dapo Abiodun worked to prevent Asiwaju from coming to Ogun State to campaign, he practically banned all candidates of the party from campaigning for Asiwaju showing several reluctance in mentioning or even using the “Broken Chain” logo of the APC Presidential flagbearer. Any candidate who flaunts the Tinubu-Shettima campaign beyond Dapo Abiodun’s acceptable and tolerable limits became enemies of the State. Instead of the Presidential flagbearer, Dapo Abiodun will prefer candidates of the party to flaunt his own Yellow symbol, pictures and logo as the face and brand of the party in Ogun State.

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