Genocide In Gaza: Group Condemns Israel

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….. Says ICC MUST investigate and hold Israel accountable.

A Coalition of Civil Society Organizations (CCSO), a broad coalition of human rights activists drawn from the labor movements, trade associations and student union movements have condemned the State of Israel on the massacre of Palestinians in Gaza calling on the International Criminal Court, ICC to prosecute and hold the Country accountable for war crimes. Israel’s continuous air bombardments of Gaza have left over 3000 people dead including 1,500 children. The civil society coalition was particularly disturbed by the death of over 500 Palestinians in a single Israeli air strike at the Al-Ahli Arab hospital south of Gaza on Tuesday, 17th October. On October7th, the Hamas group in Gaza launched an unprecedent attack which caught Israeli forces unawares. Hamas said the attack, which left over 300 Israeli dead, was a response to the continuous occupation and annexation of Palestinian lands as well as desecration of Al-Aqsa Mosque by Israel.

The full Text:


Being text of a press conference by Coalition of Civil Society in response to the genocide by the State of Israel in Gaza

The Coalition of Civil Society Organizations (CCSO), a broad coalition of human rights activists drawn from the labor movements, trade associations, student union movements and joined by other men of good conscience, having monitored the prevailing situation in Gaza and the spate of bombing by the State of Israel is compelled to address the world and express unflinching solidarity with the Palestinians.

We condemn, in the strongest terms, the ongoing genocidal attacks by the Israeli army against defenseless civilians in Gaza among them women and children with number of casualties continues to rise.

We declare that the death of over 500 Palestinians in a single Israeli strike at the Al-Ahli Arab hospital south of Gaza on Tuesday, 17th October, 2023 is a case of crimes against humanity that the ICC MUST investigate and hold Israel accountable.

It was the Israeli Army that asked Palestinians in Gaza to flee to a safe corridor. It is therefore reprehensible and callous for Israel to carpet-bomb the same place it chose as a safe haven for people fleeing its destruction in one part of Gaza. The bombing clearly attest to deliberate and well coordinated crime against humanity.

The attempt by the duo of Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu and US President, Joe Biden to exonerate Israel of the bombing in hospital is shameful and condemnable. The argument that the bombing at the hospital was due to self-explosion is deceptive and a conspiracy in genocidal mission .President Biden cannot walk back his talk: His promise to provide everything Netanyahu needed to prosecute this genocide is on RECORD; The current US president shall answer to crime against humanity at the appropriate time. President Biden’s refusal to call for a ceasefire and his open green-lighting of Israel’s premeditated genocidal mission are now well-documented.

The massacre at the Al-Ahli Arab hospital targeted not just civilians taking shelter in the hospital but also medical staff who were treating patients, the sick and the injured who had gathered there in the hope of recovery or rescue; The situation in Gaza runs contrary to the spirit that of Geneva Convention which prohibits ‘reprisal attacks against the wounded, the sick and the shipwrecked, medical personnel and services, prisoners of war …among others’.

Israeli’ contempt for rule of engagement in violation of criminal enterprise which has no regard for any law, local or international has once again been re-enacted.
We remember that at the just concluded United Nations Assembly of heads of States, Netanyahu brought a pen and a map and struck out historic Palestine as non-existent. Barely a month after, he is committing the genocide on ground which he first committed on paper: he must stand trial
The attack by Hamas freedom fighters on the 7th of October, 2023 was in response to over 70 years of Palestinians being treated like animals by both the Israeli government and the settlers it imported from Europe. We affirm that ‘every single person living under occupation would either die a slow, silent and painful death at the hands of the occupiers or rebel for freedom: Hamas’ action was rebellion against the slow but assured colonial genocide of its people.
As Africans who had undergone the brutality of foreign colonial occupation in our history, we respond to this HISTORIC CALL today by standing with the people of Palestine:
We affirm that as an occupied people Palestinians have the RIGHT TO RESISTANCE which they continue to muster despite their backs being against the wall. Palestinians are not fighting just Israel, they have been fighting a rogue superpower which is America. We salute their courage and their refusal to be bullied into silence
We affirm r RIGHT TO SELF-DETERMINATION which is the simple, irreducible minimum they are entitled to as a people
The world MUST rise to help Palestinians reclaim their rights, their dignity, their humanity; they must be free to determine their own destiny; create their own political institutions; establish a viable and sovereign state; and live in peace
We salute the Jewish society in the United States who thronged to the Whitehouse on Wednesday, 18th October, 2023 to protest the genocide by Israel in Gaza chanting ‘STOP FUNDING GENOCIDE IN MY NAME’
That the United Nations must prevail on Israel to halt its war crimes by calling for a ceasefire
It should as a matter of urgency reclaim the peace process and take it away from the monopoly of the united States and European Union
Other nations of the world from the Arab World to Turkey and China must invest in the peace process to end US monopoly

Governments of the world MUST begin to isolate Israel as the pariah that it has become. In this vein, all justice-loving countries and peoples of the world MUST patronize the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) and take appropriate action

We demand affirmation of Nigeria’s commitment to the Two-States solution not just by rhetoric but by practical steps which put relations with Israel ON HOLD until Palestinians attained their independence
We demand the expulsion of the Israeli Ambassador for his irrational attempt at justifying the horrendous atrocities of his home government. Nigeria must not be a haven for TERRORISTS
We urge Nigerians to keep all eyes on this event and be prepared to go the long haul especially with the BDS.
Finally, we call on the world to rise in defense of justice and on the side of the oppressed. Palestinians are humans and they cannot continue to be treated sub-humans.

Thank you

Signed by:

Omotaje Olawale Saint
Work Bond International Network (WIN)

  1. Ahmed Balogun
    Frontline Socio-Economic Research Centre (FSERC)
  2. Alex Omotehinse
    Centre for Human and Socio-Economic Rights

4, Comrade Buna Olaitan Isiak –
Human Rights Monitoring Agenda (HURMA)

5, Renaissance Group -Efe.

6,. Comrade Adekunle Wiseman

  1. Center for Policy Intervention In Africa (CEPIA)
  2. International Institute for Human Heritage (IIHH)


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