FIFA World Cup, Qatar 2022: All You Need To Know

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There are mere months before another men’s FIFA World Cup. The 2022 Qatar edition will be the first tournament hosted in the Middle East and the first to be held at the end of the calendar year in November and December.

Eight stadiums will host the event across five cities in Qatar: Lusall, Al Khor, Al Rayyan, Al Wakrah and Doha. 

Numbers Of Teams in the World Cup

The 2022 men’s World Cup in Qatar will feature 32 teams before the field expands to 48 teams for the 2026 World Cup. The FIFA men’s World Cup has featured 32 teams for the last six editions since France 1998.

Joining host nation Qatar at the tournament will be 31 other countries that will earn a ticket to the big dance through regional qualifying matches. It has been predetermined how many nations will qualify from each region:

  • Africa (CAF): 5
  • Asia (AFC): 4 (plus 1 playoff qualifier)
  • Europe (UEFA): 13
  • North/Central America & Caribbean (CONCACAF): 3 (plus 1 playoff qualifier)
  • Oceania (OFC): 1 playoff qualifier
  • South America (CONMEBOL): 4 (plus 1 playoff qualifier)

Two intercontinental playoff matches played in June 2022, featuring one nation from each of four different regions, will determine the final two qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup: Asia vs. South America, and North America vs. Oceania.

  • Asia vs. South America: It will be two third-place teams in Asia — Australia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) — battling for the right to face Peru (5th in South America) in June.
  • North America vs. Oceania: In all likelihood, barring an unusual set of lopsided results, Costa Rica (4th place in North America) will face either New Zealand or the Solomon Islands (Oceania) for the other ticket.

The final European World Cup berth will also be determined in June. Wales will host one of Scotland or Ukraine in a single-elimination playoff final. Both of those matches will be played during the June window after Ukraine requested the matches be moved due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Tournament Period

  • Inaugural matches: Monday, Nov. 21, 2022
  • World Cup final: Sunday, Dec. 18, 2022

The 2022 FIFA World Cup will kick off on a Monday with four matches in Qatar.

The World Cup final will still be held on a Sunday, as per tradition. The trophy will be hoisted by the winner on Sunday, Dec. 18, 2022.

Teams that have qualified for the World Cup

A total of 27 of 32 teams have officially qualified for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, including the host nation. That leaves 5 spots to be filled in the upcoming months.

In addition to host nation Qatar, there have been 12 nations from Europe to qualify for the tournament, four from South America, four from Asia, five from Africa, and Canada became the first from North America.

The table below will be updated as nations clinch:

No.Nation (FIFA Ranking)RegionDate qualifiedHow qualifiedWC appsTitles (Last)
1Qatar (52)AsiaDec. 2, 2010Hosts1 of 22
2Germany (11)EuropeOct. 11, 20211st – Grp. J20 of 224 (2014)
3Denmark (9)EuropeOct. 12, 20211st – Grp. F6 of 22
4Brazil (2)S. AmericaNov. 11, 2021Top 422 of 225 (2002)
5France (3)EuropeNov. 13, 20211st – Grp. D16 of 222 (2018)
6Belgium (1)EuropeNov. 13, 20211st – Grp. E14 of 22
7Croatia (15)EuropeNov. 14, 20211st – Grp. H6 of 22
8Spain (7)EuropeNov. 14, 20211st – Grp. B16 of 221 (2010)
9Serbia (25)EuropeNov. 14, 20211st – Grp. A4 of 22
10England (5)EuropeNov. 15, 20211st – Grp. I16 of 221 (1966)
11Switzerland (14)EuropeNov. 15, 20211st – Grp. C12 of 22
12Netherlands (10)EuropeNov. 16, 20211st – Grp. G11 of 22
13Argentina (4)S AmericaNov. 16, 2021Top 418 of 222 (1986)
14Iran (21)AsiaJan. 27, 2022Top 2 – Grp. A6 of 22
15South Korea (29)AsiaFeb. 1, 2022Top 2 – Grp. A11 of 22
16Japan (23)AsiaMar. 24, 2022Top 2 – Grp. B7 of 22
17Saudi Arabia (53)AsiaMar. 24, 2022Top 2 – Grp. B6 of 22
18Ecuador (44)S. AmericaMar. 24 2022Top 44 of 22
19Uruguay (16)S. AmericaMar. 24, 2022Top 414 of 222 (1950)
20Canada (33)N. AmericaMar. 27, 2022Top 32 of 22
21Ghana (61)AfricaMar. 29, 2022Playoff4 of 22
22Senegal (18)AfricaMar. 29, 2022Playoff3 of 22
23Portugal (8)EuropeMar. 29, 2022Playoff8 of 22
24Poland (28)EuropeMar. 29, 2022Playoff9 of 22
25Tunisia (36)AfricaMar. 29, 2022Playoff6 of 22
26Morocco (24)AfricaMar. 29, 2022Playoff6 of 22
27Cameroon (28)AfricaMar. 29, 2022Playoff8 of 22
28 N. AmericaMar. 30, 2022Top 3 
29 N. AmericaMar. 30, 2022Top 3 
30Wales vs.
Scotland or
EuropeJune TBDPlayoff 
31Australia or
UAE vs. Peru
Asia / S. AmericaJune TBDIntercont’l
32TBD vs.
New Zealand or
Solomon Islands
N. America / OceaniaJune TBDIntercont’l

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