Emergence of Asiwaju Tinubu: A Step To Realising A Greater Nigeria….. Senate Spokesman

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Senate spokesperson and Senator representing Osun Central Senatorial District, Dr Surajudeen Ajibola Basiru has congratulated Asiwaju Bola Tinubu on the new feat of becoming the standard bearer of the All Progressives Congress in next year’s presidential election.

In his congratulatory message, Senator Basiru described Asiwaju Tinubu’s phenomenal victory at the party’s convention as “a pay back time for a man who stands as the rock of Gibraltar in politics, who lives not only for himself but largely for others”

“Your emergence as the presidential standard bearer of our great party is a reflection of the love people have for you, having served as a political bulwark for others; building snd raising them at the expense of building a political empire for yourself. Your selfless investment in others have today turned into a formidable platform for your titanic victory. Congratulations Sir.”

“You have taught us and shown that focus, doggedness, sincerity of purpose with a large heart are instrumental to sailing through the proverbial murky water of politics without sinking.

I’m happy to belong to your school of thought in politics.”

Dr Ajibola Basiru remarked that Asiwaju Bola Tinubu who transformed Lagos to one of Africa’s largest economies, raising its revenues from a few millions to billions which changed Lagos status of being infamous for slums and dirt, has not only the magical wand but also the intellectual prowess and administrative acumen to achieve greater and more unified Nigeria.

Senator Basiru opined that Asiwaju Bola Tinubu’s victory did not come on a platter of gold and was not served ala carte as he had survived onslaught from both the military and civilians, gone hungry for others to eat their fill and triumphed over adversaries with sociable mien and open mind to calumnies.

Senator Ajibola Basiru observed that time is now for all Progressives to come together, gird their loins and work towards victories for the party in all elections, stressing that Osun and Nigeria should not be allowed to be pushed again into the back waters of development.

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