“City will win a trophy before Arsenal,” boasts Nasri- Take £10,000 wager

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France and Manchester City Star, Samir Nasir has agreed to a £10, 000 wager with Piers Morgan, an ardent Arsenal fan, that his current employer Manchester City would win a trophy before Arsenal his former club does.

The bet was a fall out of the 0 1 loss Nasir and his team suffered in the hands of the gunners on Saturday where the french man was subjected to series of taunts and boo by the home supporters before he was taken off in the second half.

Reacting to the taunts on Twitter,  the former Gunner said “I’m aware what I said about titles. I’m sure I will lift a trophy with Man City before AFC.”

“And to all the Arsenal fans, move on. City are 10 points ahead of you.

“Just support your team and forget about me,” he tweeted.

And when Morgan challenged him with a bet on seeing what he wrote, Nasir agreed by saying “No problem. We bet and the winner gives the money to charity,” he replied.

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