Bolanle Ninalowo Unveiled As Brand Ambassador As Punch Marketing Brings French Cognac Heritage to Nigeria

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Punch Marketing, promoters of Sainte Croix, the premium quality cognac, have said that the entry of the brand to Nigeria signals the arrival of the French Cognac heritage and a quality associated only with the very best.

 It now offers consumers an exciting and challenging experience, one that challenge’s the establishment and the senses of Congac drinkers.

The company made this assertion at the exclusive event, held in Lagos on 17th June, 2021, to present the brand to their Nigerian consumers.

Chris Parkes, the company’s Country Manager (Nigeria), informed that Sainte Croix, which has been made with passion since 1756 and celebrated around the world, delivers the best Cognac experience that the Charente and Charente-Maritime regions of France have come to be known for.

“Cognac is a native of France and named after the town of Cognac, which is about 250 miles south of Paris. Sainte Croix is a proud ambassador of this origin, delivering the same top quality that has distinguished Cognac and France from every other country that produces brandies. This is the heritage that the brand is bringing to the Nigerian market.”

Chris referred to Sainte Croix as a masterpiece, for connoisseurs and friends, saying that the superb quality that the brand has been associated with and celebrated across the world over the centuries, is an attestation to the quantum of patience and meticulousness that go into the making of Saint Croix, it is truly the spirit of courage. He painted the picture of the rigorous process that goes into the making Sainte Croix thus:

“We pick only the finest mature white grapes at the annual harvest to ensure that the white wines that are produced from them are perfect. These selected wines are distilled twice to create the flawless eau-de-vie variants and only the most bold and distinctive variants are selected to be placed in aged wooden barrels for a minimum of not two years as is normal for VS but for four years. VSOP is not just the normal four years but eight and the XO… not just 15 years but 30.”

“While the Sainte Croix VS Cognac is the perfect partner on its own or with a premium mixer it can create refreshing cocktails beach-side or impress while entertaining guests; the Sainte Croix VSOP comes into its own when you need to impress your top clients to secure those lucrative deals or celebrating in true style; and the distinguished Sainte Croix XO is a rare gem that is best enjoyed neat or on the rocks to be enjoyed  in the VIP at an exclusive club  or to set the scene on the most special of occasions,” he said.

While he encouraged consumers to explore their own creativity with Sainte Croix Cognac and cocktails, he informed that there are hundreds of cocktail recipes out there that Sainte Croix takes to the next level.

Chris further noted that the entry of Sainte Croix, which is the most luxurious brand new to Nigeria, has excited the consumers of cognacs and has actually upset the existing status quo in the country, challenging consumers and offering them a chance of a real rich and quality Cognac that satisfies both connoisseurs and friends.

“Our entry into the Nigerian market has elicited a lot of excitement among Nigerian consumers, understandably. The same premium quality that has come to be associated with Sainte Croix across the globe is the reason for this excitement. One thing is sure, this feeling is going to be much more in the coming days as the brand gains stronger foothold in the country,” he concluded.

The highpoint of the exclusive event was the unveiling of Bolanle Ninalowo, a Nigerian actor and film producer as the brand ambassador.

Speaking shortly after the unveiling, Ninolowo also known as Nino, expressed his excitement being chosen as the brand ambassador.

He noted that though he’s an actor, he also holds a master degree in Marketing.

Promising to take the brand to the next level, he noted; “It’s always a great thing for me when I work with brands. I always like to challenge myself on how to take the brand to the next level. And this is what I am promising.  

Ninolowo said having tasted the product, he could testify that it’s a product with a great and quality taste.

He implored Nigerians to always go for Sainte Croix Cognac as it is the best in the market so far.

Guests present at the event were also given the opportunity to sample the taste of the  Sainte Croix Cognac.

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