B2B firm standing out with warehousing, speedy delivery

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Toyin and her immediate family live within the suburbs of a big city where she runs a retail store. She finds it hectic any day she has to restock as she leaves home early in the morning for the market so as to make it back before noon.

But, as much as she tries, she ends up spending so much time on the road, losing out on sales as she locks up her store for her visit to the market. She also pays largely for her goods to be transported to her store. Twice, she faced attempts on her life while on her  way to and from the market.

Her story changed when she got introduced to an e-commerce business-to-business platform that takes her orders and supplies the same within a space of four hours.

Toyin’s experience is not alien to the retail business in Nigeria. However, Alerzo and other tech e-commerce firms have emerged and positioned themselves to tackle these challenges through technology, thereby bringing solutions that are adding value to retailers who now go about their businesses with ease and making more profits.

These tech-driven B2B e-commerce platforms, provide warehousing and fulfilment solutions to suppliers while also taking care of the deliveries of ordered goods.

At zero cost, Alerzo delivers to retailers within a maximum of four hours.  Since its inception in 2019, Alerzo has been providing free delivery services to retailers.

Alerzo, a top B2B e-commerce platform in Nigeria has for almost three years taken the lead in maximising technology to empower retailers so that they are equipped to run profitable and sustainable businesses.

More than 200 vehicles and 20 warehouses are owned by the firm  through which it serves thousands of retailers on its platform.  

“Alerzo has deployed technology in addressing the challenges of the retailers who are on our platform. With our free delivery services, retailers save time, energy, and resources that they would have otherwise expended in restocking. We also developed our software. We do deliveries within four hours of order because we own our entire fleet,” stated Alerzo Group CEO, Adewale Opaleye.

Speaking more on the value Alerzo is creating, Opaleye added: “No one has built efficiency the way we want it so we do delivery in four hours versus other players that do it the next day. That is a very key factor for us and as we scale up the business, we are looking for partners hoping to key into our vision to actually offer quick and same day delivery to all our retail partners.”

An impressed retailer who shared how her grocery store has been operating differently since she came in contact with Alerzo, said: “Some of the things I have observed about Alerzo since I have been patronizing them include fast delivery, same day delivery, keeping to time and they offer me convenience.

“Once I place an order using the Alerzo shop app, the products are delivered to my shop, so I never have to go to the market again to hunt for items or pay for transportation. I am grateful to Alerzo for making running business much easier for me.”

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