B2B E-commerce Bridging Gap Between Manufacturers And Retailers

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Clearly, technology has successfully established a virtual market where millions of sellers meet consumers. In return, the ease and convenience of shopping endears the medium to customers, with B2B e-commerce players bridging the existent gap between manufacturers and retailers in the line of distribution.

The sales recorded by online businesses especially during the pandemic made it more glaring, so much so that it has become imperative for product manufacturers to embrace the digital space if they are to fully exploit their target market. The intervention by e-commerce companies, particularly B2B e-commerce players like Alerzo, is making the market more effective and robust as their services have far reaching impact and benefits for all stakeholders in the value chain, especially for manufacturers and distributors.

For example, by the nature of their business, B2B e-commerce companies are asset-heavy which makes them part of the solutions to the perennial infrastructure problems in the sector. An examination of the market showed that the majority of the companies playing in the sector provide warehousing and fulfilment solutions to suppliers. Some e-commerce companies have said they even own hundreds of vehicles and warehouses which are open to serve thousands of retailers and suppliers on their platforms.

Coupled with their ability to penetrate rural communities, manufacturers and distributors can also benefit from the increasing investment in logistics by B2B e-commerce firms. Companies such as Alerzo transport the ordered goods from manufacturers’ and distributors’ warehouses to the target retailers, scattered all over the country.

In many cases, the service comes at no cost to the manufacturers. Though they mostly roll out in regional markets, it has been observed that some e-commerce brands are expanding their reach to other regions of the country. This makes them a veritable vehicle through which some product manufacturers can make in-road into other regions of the country.

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