“ACN Leaders Have Just Declared War On Lagos”…..Comrade Akele

I agree; since the demise of Chief Gani fawehinmi and indeed since his health deteriorated before he died, the human rights communities appear not to exist anymore. They have mostly been consumed or compromised by Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) party, to the detriment of the citizenry of Lagos in particular.

The 500% tuition fees introduced a few months ago, and, the imposition of illicit Lekki Toll on Lagosians, among other terrorist activities of Lagos state government, ought to attract the attention of human rights activists like Falana, but they have kept mum as if nothing inimical is happening to the interest of Lagosians.

 I remember as the arrow-head and the Lagos workers” leader, it was only Chief Gani Fawehinmi that showed interest and solidarity to the struggle of Lagos workers under the tyrannical rule of Bola Tinubu that is also continued by Babatunde Fashola.

The titanic struggle led to my victimization and core labour leaders in the fore front of the struggle in 201. Bola Tinubu was the only Governor with the notorious record(not even PDP Governors) of victimizing and retrenched workers including labour leaders twice within his 8 years tenure,massacring over 40,000 jobs.

It is NOT on record that activists like Mr Falana, Agbakoba etc ever utter a word against any atrocious policy of Bola Tinubu nay Raji Fashola.

This same Odumosu – the head of dreaded killer squad of Bola Tinubu but RRS in disguise inherited by Raji Fashola, was responsible for the repression and brutalization of workers during our protest for better conditions of service under Bola Tinubu.

He fired live bullets and a worker Adigun Popoola was killed in the process.

How can Odumosu continue to be in Lagos doing the bidding of ACN and you say the police is Federal police?Who is controlling the police,Bola Tinubu,Fashola,ACN of FGN? How can Odumosu still be in Lagos State command for close to 15 years if it is a FGN establishment?What type of work is he doing?

It is high time Odumosu is removed over his crimes against innocent citizens in Lagos state including workers.The RRS under Bola Tinubu inherited by Fahola an assemblage ACN thugs, sympathizers and partisan of killer squad at the command of Bola Tinubu should be disbanded and re-assemble with decent neutral and non-partisan police officers.

It is just a continuation perfidy.Lagos workers remain the list payed in the country today with distorted salary structure with criminal over taxation including allowance helpless and suffering in silence.

The press have also not help matters. Press statements that are issued in solidarity with LASU and condemnation of the brutality of Lekki protesters were suppressed and not used. It will appear the media have also compromised and taken side with the ruling class in Lagos.

I hereby declare my solidarity support for students LASU and the struggling Lagosians particularly the Lekki axis against these obnoxious policies of ACN which i know will not last for ever.

 It’s unbelievable that Lagosians can be going through this treatment reminiscent of military highhandedness in democratic era!

 In solidarity


Comrade Ayodele Akele

Pioneer Secretary General,NANS

Persecuted and victimized Lagos Labour Leader

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